Class Climate - Reporting Survey Results

This document explains how administrative staff can distribute the results of Class Climate course evaluations to instructors and campus evaluation committees. This process has been revised for Winterim 2019.

Class Climate is a campus enterprise course evaluation system used by the former UW Colleges campuses during the 2018-2019 transition year to evaluate instructors for purposes of tenure, promotion, merit, and retention. During the transition year, the Student Survey of Instruction program is governed by UW Colleges Senate Policy 308 - Administering the Student Survey of Instruction and the SSI Guiding Document. Course evaluations will be administered for all courses every semester.

After course evaluation surveys have been generated (see Generating Online Surveys), emailed, and taken, an administrator needs to log in to Class Climate and send evaluation results to the course instructor and campus evaluation committee.

Note: You must confirm that grades for the semester have been entered (4 working days after final exams) before you share survey results with the instructor.

A) Determine Sections to Report

According to the SSI Guiding Document, campus evaluation committees should only get quantitative (numerical) results reports for course sections with at least a 50% response rate. Campus evaluation committees should get qualitative (written, non-numerical) results for all course sections. In this section, you determine which courses fit into each category.

1) Determine which course sections reached a response rate of 50%.

Every semester, the Class Climate central coordinator will send you a spreadsheet listing all of the courses that meet that 50% response rate threshold. 

The spreadsheet should default to the Response Rates 50% and above tab and should be sorted by instructor and course name:

Spreadsheet of sections with high response rates

To see just the sections in your campuses, Filter your results by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Subunit field. In the Filter menu, uncheck Select All, then check the campuses you want to see.

Spreadsheet of courses with high response rates

This will hide all of the courses from other campuses, leaving just the campuses you want to see.

Spreadsheet of response rates filtered by campus

The spreadsheet also has a tab for courses with response rates below 50%, in case you get questions later about why a certain course wasn't included in the reports. That tab is colored red so you don't confuse it with the other one.

Spreadsheet of response rates below 50%

2) Gather the qualitative (written, non-numerical) results for all courses.

The Class Climate central coordinator will also share a second set of spreadsheets with you. These spreadsheets will contain all of the qualitative (written, non-numerical) responses from all courses on a given campus, even those with response rates below 50%. 

Spreadsheet of written course evaluation responses from a sample user set.

Save these spreadsheets until Step D) Distribute Selected Reports, when you'll send them to the campuses.

B) Login

Login to Class Climate at using the username and the password that was provided to you.

C) Produce Selected Reports for Campuses

In this step, we'll distribute the PDF Reports for courses with at least a 50% response rate to campuses for use in merit evaluation.

Use Class Climate’s Batch Events menu to create and distribute reports of course evaluation reports.

1) Click on Subunits in the Main Menu, then Batch Events in the left-hand column.

Batch Events menu

2) On the Batch Events menu, choose the following:

 Batch Events menu

Send PDF reports as instructor profiles – This option gives you a summary report for each instructor, based on the specific courses you select. Make sure to check Also send single PDF reports, below, to also get reports for individual course sections.

Hide surveys with documents which have already been sent: Uncheck this box so you can find surveys that may have already been sent.

Subunit – Select one or more campuses/programs. 

Survey Period - Select the current semester. Ex: Fall 2017 is FS 17/18.

Course Type - Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while you click to select all of the available course types. 

Questionnaire – SSI-2017 (for face to face), SSI-2017-N (for NODE), and SSI-2017-O (for Online courses)

Course - Scroll to the course(s) you wish to report. Consult with the spreadsheet of Response Rates to see which courses meet the minimum response rate of 50%. Hold down the Ctrl key while you click to select more than one course.

Include answers to open questions - Check this to include students’ answers to the open-ended (text box) questions.

Also send single PDF reports – Always check this box so you get reports for each individual course. Leaving this box unchecked will actually change the cover letter of the email to the incorrect cover letter (?!?).

Send all to the following email addresses – Send reports to the email address(es) you choose. It is recommended that you enter your own email address to send the reports to yourself so you can distribute them from there.

3) Click Proceed. The email will be sent automatically.

D) Distribute Selected Reports to Campuses

1) Log into your email account by opening Outlook or going to the UW Colleges email portal

2) You should see one email for each instructor. The email will have attached PDF reports for each of section above 50% response rate and an additional "Instructor Profile" summarizing the other reports sent in that email.

 Report email


Report Email 2

3) Open up each email and save the PDF Reports to your computer. To do this, right click on one of the attachments in each email and select Save All Attachments

Save all of the reports from a given campus and semester into a single folder and name it something like "WAK_SSI_Results_SP19" (ie: [Campus]_SSI_Results_[Term]).

Save All Attachments

4) Once all of the PDF reports for a given campus and semester have been saved in the same folder, zip the folder so it's easier to distribute.

5) For campus-based (face-to-face) courses, email results to each campus's designated campus representative for course evaluations. Each campus's results email should include:

a) that campus's zip file of PDF reports from step D4.

b) that campus's qualitative results spreadsheet from step A2.

The list of designated campus representatives will be shared with you by the Class Climate central coordinator

6) For UWC Online and NODE courses, upload each PDF Report to the SharePoint or OneDrive site for course evaluations from that campus or program. At the same time, upload the spreadsheet of qualitative (written) results for for that campus or program to that same folder.

E) Distribute All Reports to Instructors

After the deadline for instructors to submit final grades (4 days after the end of final exams), distribute all the PDF Reports directly to instructors. This is so that each instructor has all of their SSI results, even the ones which can't be used for merit evaluations.

To do this, do the following:

1) Log in to your email account and send an email to your instructors explaining 

  • they're about to get SSI results 
  • SSI results will include PDF Reports for all of their sections, even those below a 50% response rate
  • these SSI results are for the instructor's personal use 
  • they shouldn't share these SSI results with campus or department evaluation committees, because UWC procedure forbids those committees from using the quantitative (numerical) data from sections with below a 50% response rate

2) Log back into Class Climate and use Batch Events to send the PDF reports for all courses (even those below 50% response rate) to their respective instructors. Follow the same steps as in Section C, above, with two changes:

Course - Hold down the Shift key while you click to select all courses.

Send to Instructors - Click this radio button instead of Send all to the following email addresses. This will send reports directly to all instructors, with no need for you to forward emails.

Here's what the Batch Events screen might look like:

Batch Events

3) Click Proceed. The email will be sent to instructors automatically.




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