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Virtual Lab Installation Instructions

Part C of series outlining how to use the Virtual Lab. This page covers system requirements.

Some UWEX programs use the Virtual Lab Infrastructure to create a secure connection between your computer and a virtual Windows desktop in which your program software is installed. This infrastructure uses a non-persistent environment, similar to an in-person computer lab. You will need to install the VMWare Horizon Client to access and use a virtual lab for class assignments and projects that require specialized software applications.

This series of documents contains five important sections of information for students:

  • Virtual Lab System Requirements (Part A
  • Accessing the Virtual Lab and How to Get Help (Part B
  • Virtual Lab Installation Instructions (Part C) (This page) (Macs click here)
  • Virtual Lab Access and Navigation Instructions (Part D
  • How to Save Work Safely in the Virtual Lab (Part E(Macs click here)

Before using the Virtual Desktop please note the following regarding student use:

  • Do NOT store any data on the Virtual Desktop. Please use an external storage device (flash drive, external hard-drive, etc.) in order to store course files.
  • If your Virtual Desktop becomes corrupt, everything will be deleted, and the desktop will be restored to the initial setup.

C. Virtual Lab Installation Instructions

Initial instructions are applicable across operating systems although examples are taken from a Windows machine. Operating system-specific instructions will be highlighted within the document.

  1. Begin by going to the VMware Horizon Air Platform Desktop PortalYou will now be at the VMware Horizon login page. Click on the "Download the Horizon Client for Windows" link located near the bottom of the page. Do not enter your credentials to attempt to log in. 

    Log-In Page with Click Notes
  2. Now we identify the product for our specific operating system (Windows, OS, etc). Identify your machine's product information, then click on "Go to Downloads" for the corresponding product. NOTE: The correct clients for Windows and Mac are outlined in red in the image below. NOTE - Do NOT choose the one with UWP in the name. That is not the correct client.

    Choosing the Right Client
  3. Upon selecting your client, the product and download file details will be displayed (64-bit Windows used here as an example). Click on "Download".

    Click Download
  4. Upon clicking Download, you will see the following prompts depending on your internet browser. Please see some options below:


    • A VMware Horizon Client.exe dialogue prompt will open. Click on "Save File".

      Save file
    • Depending on your Firefox settings, the file will automatically download to a pre-determined location or you will be prompted to choose the location of where to place the .exe file. If prompted to choose a location, direct to the location and click "Save".

      Click save


    • The file will automatically download in your browser. Open the file by clicking on the ".exe tab" in the downloads bar that appears at the bottom of Chrome. If you would like to access the .exe file from the download folder, click on "Show All Downloads" in the right-hand corner.

      Google Chrome
  5. If you have successfully completed the loading of the .exe file, depending on your machine, a VMware Product Installation dialogue box may automatically appear showing the installation progress. If not, locate the location of the .exe file, and open it.

    You will be asked if you will allow the file to make changes, click Yes.

    Installation dialogue box
  6. A new dialogue box will appear asking you if you agree to the VMware terms and conditions, once you have read through the terms and conditions, click on Agree & Install (or Upgrade). Statuses will then be displayed while the installer works.

    Agree and install
  7. Click on Finish once the install is completed.

    Click finish
  8. In order to complete VMware Horizon Client installation, you will be prompted to restart your machine. Save all unsaved work and restart your machine by clicking Restart Now.

    Restart now

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