Introduction to the Virtual Lab

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Some UWEX degree programs use the Virtual Lab Infrastructure to create a secure connection between your computer and a virtual Windows desktop in which your program software is installed. This infrastructure uses a non-persistent environment, similar to an in-person computer lab. You can access the Lab through a browser or a downloaded client to work on class assignments and projects that require specialized software applications.

Important things to remember when using the Virtual Lab:

  • The Virtual Lab System Requirements are posted in the Virtual Lab Documentation. Check to be sure your machine will be able to download and use the Lab.
  • Saving your work will require you to save to an external hard drive, your local hard drive, or a USB drive. See the saving instructions above for details.
  • There is a 3-hour inactive time-out in place. If you are inactive in a session for three hours, your session will time out and you will lose any unsaved work.
  • You will see a new, clean desktop each time you log in. Items saved on the desktop will not roll over onto a new session.