Uploading Assignment Tips

This document walks through some steps to take when experiencing difficulty with submitting assignments to an online course.

Please work through the following troubleshooting tips/best practices when experiencing difficulty with uploading/submitting assignments: 

1) File details a) Please make sure that the file extension is a valid extension (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .pptx) - Check with your instructor if a different file extension is required b) Please adhere to file naming best practices - Name your files in a precise and descriptive fashion to avoid long file names - Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters (!, ?, %, etc.) and spaces - If you must break up your file name use dashes or underscores 

GOOD examples: assignment1.doc, groupreport_2.pdf

BAD examples: assignment 1.doc, groupreport%.pdf 

2) Internet Connectivity a) If you are submitting over Wi-Fi ensure that you have a very strong connection - To check your connection if you are unsure you can google "internet speed test" and click on the blue "Run Speed Test" button that is returned on the first search result - If Wi-Fi upload speed seems slow, try to connect via a wired ethernet cable 3)

Additional Tips a) If using Safari or Edge web browsers, try from Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers if possible - Please note that Canvas will no longer support Internet Explorer after July 2019 b) If it is possible try from a different device (preferably another laptop or desktop) c) Keep in mind of the file size you are trying to submit - Word documents or presentations with images can get large somewhat quickly (several MB), so this will put a further emphasis on strong internet connectivity