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Troubleshooting in the Virtual Lab

Page Contents

Download and Installation

Download Rights

First, make sure you are able to download applications onto the computer you plan to use to access the Lab. If you are using a work computer, you may need to to check out the "Using a Work Computer" tab above.

Turn Off HTML5

If your download is failing, you may want to turn off HTML5 in the process. Walk through the "Download and Installation" tab. When you see the option for "Custom Installation," click it and make sure that the "Support for HTML5" box is unchecked. Proceed through the rest of the download and installation.

HTML5 Disable Button

Older Versions

Sometimes, it may be best to download a version or two older than the current one. You can select your version on the Download Product page (step 3 of the Download and Installation tab).

Version Select Button

Internet Connection

Be sure your internet connection is steady. It may be best to connect to your router via an ethernet cable for the duration of the download process.

Common Password Issues

Your Virtual Lab log-in credentials are sent to you via e-mail on the first day of Preview Week of your first semester. If you no longer know your Virtual Lab credentials or need your password reset, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

If you would like to change your Virtual Lab password, you can do so by clicking the "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del" button in the Virtual Lab once you have logged in. Once you have clicked that, you will be able to choose "Change a Password." Your new password will need to meet the below criteria:

  • Cannot reuse a password from the past (24) used passwords.
  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • It is best to change your password every 90 days
  • Password cannot contain any part of the username
  • Password meets the minimum complexity requirements:
    • Uppercase letters of European languages (A through Z, with diacritic marks, Greek and Cyrillic characters)
    • Lowercase letters of European languages (a through z, sharp-s, with diacritic marks, Greek and Cyrillic characters)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (special characters): (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)

Using a work computer to access the Virtual Lab

  • Turn off your VPN. Sometimes, VPNs can interfere with the download and access to the Lab.
  • Employer firewalls can interfere with download and access to the Lab as well. Talk to your employer about whether you will need to make any changes or if you will be able to access the Lab within your work network.
  • Ensure that you have download rights on your computer. You may need to work with your employer to receive those rights.

Contacting Tech Support

If you need some additional help, contact UWEX Tech Support using either of the below options:

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