From: techsupport

Subject: Semester BSN@Home Course Access for UW Madison students


Importance: High




Dear UW-Madison BSN@Home student,

The process to access the following BSN@Home courses is different from how you may be accustomed to accessing your UW-Madison campus courses:


         N407: Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice

         N441: Chronic Care Management

         N446: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

         N447: Leadership and Management

         N453: Information Management and Healthcare Technology

         N454: Community Health Nursing

         N492: Pathophysiology

         N492P: Clinical Pharmacology



Please follow the steps below to establish access to these courses:


Step 1:  Click the link:  Canvas

        The above link is different from your UW-Madison Canvas login portal.  Please be sure to use this link to establish access to your BSN@Home courses.

Step 2:  Log in using your home campus username and password.

        Use the same username and password you use to access your UW-Madison courses.

        Note:  Your courses will not yet be visible in Canvas.

        You will receive a follow-up email when your courses are available.

To ensure timely access to your courses, it is crucial that you take the above steps as soon as possible.



BSN@Home and

University of Wisconsin Extended Campus