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The Topics Tree that allows you to add, edit or delete topic categories to sort and distinguish your KnowledgeBase documents. The Topics Tree can be seen in the form of a Topic (Site) Map on your KB internal/ or external sites.

Access to Topics Tab for Top Topic Creation

Access to the Topics tab is controlled with individual user rights.

The image below shows the checked Topics check box in the Users tab.

User permissions topics enabled

Create, Edit, Update and Delete Topics

Click on the Topics tab in the KB Admin Tools. Clicking here defaults you to the Topics Tree screen.

Topics tab in KB Admin Tools

From here, topics can be arranged to form the Topics Tree in a hierarchy up to five levels deep. Documents can be associated with any number of topics as well as topics at any level of the hierarchy.  For more details, please see KB User's Guide - Topics Tab - Adding, Editing, and Deleting Topics The image below shows the Topics Tree from one of our test sites.

Topics tree with emphasis on 5 levels of topics

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