KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Guide to TinyMCE Editor Buttons

This document describes the buttons found in the TinyMCE editor and their functions.

There are two bars of buttons within the editor, the upper navigation bar, and the lower tool bar.

Menu Bar

Image of the TinyMCE menu bar

The navigation bar has several tabs in a layout similar to other applications:








Opens a pop-up window with sections of information for:

Tool Bar

Image of the TinyMCE toolbar

The tool bar contains a few unique buttons, however most of the buttons on the bar are for quick access to functions already described in the navigation bar. The toolbar functions are as follows:

Note: Depending on your screen width, some, or all, of the table, link, image, media, fullscreen, source code, and plugin icons may be hidden behind the More button: tinymce editor more toolbar icon


The table sub-menu allows insertion and editing of tables in documents. The options available when a table is selected are also available by right clicking an existing table within a doc. Within this sub-menu, you have several options: