KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Expiring Documents

This document explains how to manage Expiring documents.

Receiving a 'Knowledge Base Content Expiring' Email

Document owners will be made aware of Expiring documents by receiving an email. In the email, you will see a numbered list of Expiring documents. The links in the email lead to the Expiring document in the KB Admin Tools in with the Status of In Progress in Document Review Mode . Edit as per your KB Group's workflow. The image below is a sample Content Expiring email listing 3 document title and links leading to the document in the KB admin tools (and not to the document on the Live Site).


See All Your Expiring Documents

You may see which of your Active documents are Expiring by navigating to the Documents Tab > Expired link. This will lead you to the Expiring Documents screen.


In the Expiring Documents screen, you will see a list of documents which will Expire in one week. Adjust the Expire within filter to a desired range should you want to see a longer range. You may click on the triangle on the far left of the Title, the Quickview button, to view the document in read-only mode without leaving this screen.

Expiration Handling Options of Active/ Expiring Documents

From here, you may either individually select documents or click on the Select All button. 


You also have the options of saving the shown documents as a .CSV file or to deselect all of the already selected documents.

After you have selected the desired documents choose your desired Document Expiration Handling Option. 


From the drop down you can select:


Here you can either enter a valid date time or use the Pick expiration time link to open a calendar picker. If you select the Never option, the expiration date will be set to the year 3000. Hit submit to enter the new expiration time.

If no documents are selected or an invalid date time is entered, an dialogue pop up will open, prompting you to select at least one document or to enter a valid date time. 

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