KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Identifying Broken Hyperlinks on your KB documents

You must have full user permissions for your space to perform these steps.

KB Admins may identify broken hyperlinks external to the KB . Occasionally, links external to the KB have been updated and subsequently broken since KB document activation. We will show you how to identify broken links in your KB document.

Checking for Broken Links in a specific KB document

When you are viewing a document from within the KB Admin tools:

  1. Go to the KB Document Summary Table at the bottom of the document.
  2. Click on the Check for Broken Links button on the lower right corner.

    The image below shows a sample of a KB Document Summary Table.

  3. Clicking on the Check for broken links button will either yield a "No broken links found" message or will list the Broken links in red. In the image below, the broken Link URL and Link text is circled are red.


Checking for Broken Links in Multiple KB documents

Navigation: KB Admin Tools > Documents Tab > Broken links link > Broken links screen

This link will lead you to the Broken Links screen. Here you may add document ID number(s) of KB documents for which you would like to check links. The document Status defaults to documents which are Active + In Review + In Progress. You may also check documents which have the distinct status of either Active or In Review or In Progress by clicking on the drop down arrow on the right of the button. After making your selection, click on the Check for Broken Links button.

A table with the document ID number(s) will appear showing the Document Title and the broken link URL and link text. You may save/ export this information as a *.csv, if you wish.

Please note that only full / absolute path hyperlinks which start with http:// or https:// embedded in documents owned by your group space are validated. Documents not owned by your group space are ignored. Validating links that point to external locations can take up significant time, the behind the scenes link checker will only process up to 10 documents at a time. If more than 10 valid document IDs are entered, a button to process the next 10 (or less) documents will be available until all documents are validated.