KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Existing Questions

From the Questions screen, you may manage the questions you have created. Use up to nine filters to view a precise set of questions. This document will guide you through the functionality on this screen.

Viewing Existing Questions in the KB Admin Tools

To get to the Questions screen, please go to the KB Admin Tools > Assessment tab > Existing Questions link. You will see a number of filters.

Questions you have created will appear under these filters in table form. If you have not created any questions yet, you will see "No questions found" beneath the filters.

Description of Filters

In the image below, the Format field was updated to Questions, choices and answers and yielded two results. At the bottom of each screen, you will see a buttons that allow you to Edit or Delete. 


Description of the Columns in the Question Table

The image below shows the column headers of the table when populated with Questions.


To add files and images to an existing question, please follow the steps here: Attachments and Existing Questions.

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