KB User's Guide - General Info - Quick Search Options

Entering a "Quick Search" term in the Search field of your live KB site will yield a specific collection of documents. This document will detail the Quick Search Options that apply to both Internal and External sites, and Options that only apply to the Internal KB sites. Please know that this feature does not work in a Unified KB site.

    The Quick Search Feature

    The Quick Search feature allows you to enter an "option" in the search field of your Live KB Sites and pull up a specific set of documents. Quick Search Options are made up of two or more words with no spaces in between. Please know that you may not use this feature on Unified KB sites. An example of a Unified KB site is https://kb.wisc.edu/.

    After entering a Quick Search Option in the Search field of a Live KB Site, notice that the Quick Search option you selected appears in your browser's the URL.

    Quick Search Options That are Available for Internal and External KB Sites

    You may use the Quick Search Options below alone or combine them with keywords to narrow your search.

    Click on the word "shows" in each line below to see an example of the Quick Search Option in the KB User's Guide External site.

    Display a Quick Search Option in a Side Module

    Users with KB Admin permissions may create a handy Side Module on the Internal/ or External Site.

    1. Create a Side Module
    2. Create a Side Module Link
    3. Enter the Link Name and one of the Quick Search Option URLs below in the Link URL field.
    4. Enable the Internal/ or External, Popup and enter the Order as needed.
    5. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

    In the image below, the "Favorites" Side Module is populated by two links. The showmyfavoritedocs Quick Option is only available on the Internal Site, which is indicated by the red circle around the checked Internal boxes.


    Enter a Quick Search Option into the Link URL field

    To determine the exact URL to enter into the Link URL field, enter one of the Options below into your Search field and copy the URL it yields.

    Example: When showmyfavoritedocs is entered into the Search field of the KB User's Guide, it yields this URL; https://kb.wisc.edu/kbGuide/internal/search.php?q=showmyfavoritedocs&cat=0

    • shownewdocs
    • showalldocs
    • showtopdocs
    • showmygroupdocs
    • showothergroupdocs
    • showuniquekeywords
    • showtopictree
    • showkbpartners
    • showmyfavoritedocs

    To review what these Quick Search Options are again, please review this document.

    What the Quick Search Option Side Module Looks like on the Live Site

    The image below shows a Side Module called "Favorites". The first Side Module Link is Show "My Favorite" KB User Guide Documents. Upon clicking that Side Module Link, the end-user will be led to the showmyfavorites URL, https://kb.wisc.edu/kbGuide/internal/search.php?q=showmyfavorites&cat=0. Please note that this particular Quick Search Option only applies to the internal site, as indicated by the red circle in the URL.

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