KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Quiz/Survey Modules

This document will walk you through the steps to create a Quiz/Survey Module in the Assessment tab.

    Quiz/Survey Modules

    To create a new Module, go to the KB Admin Tools > Assessment tab. You will land on the Quiz/ Survey Modules screen, as it is the default. If you have not created any modules, you will see the Add a New Module form, alone. Otherwise, if you have created one or multiple Modules, they will appear under the Add a New Module blank form. The Module sequence appearance is determined by the Sort field in each Module.

    "Add a new module" Form

    Modules are an easy way to group together a selection of questions to use in a Quiz, a Questions and Answer review (QA review) and/or a Survey. Fill out the form and click on the Add a new module button to save your work.

    Displaying Modules on the Live Internal Site

    When an end user visits your live Assessments page, they will see the modules available to them at the top of the page. This section displays:

    They will also see a separate list of their individual attempts on all assessments.

    Best Practices

    Here are several ways to leverage the Assessments feature on your Live site.

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