KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Validation Tools (Classic Editor)

This document explains how to use some of the document validation tools provided in KB Admin Tools for document editing.

Validate HTML (ValidateHtml)

This tool allows you to validate your XHTML code to check for errors or compliance without leaving the screen or previewing your document. To validate your code:

  1. Click the ValidateHtml button at the top of the body window, and a new window will open.

  2. If your code is XHTML compliant, it will return this message below.

  3. If there are errors in your code, it will return what the errors are and what line they are located on. You then can return to your draft document and correct the errors. Once you have finished your corrections, make sure to validate again to check for additional errors as the validator may not catch all of the errors initially.

For guidelines on XHTML compliance, see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Basic XHTML Commands.


This tool allows you to preview your document without saving. To preview your page:

  1. Click on     found at the bottom of the body window.

  2. This will bring up a new window, "Preview without Saving",  displaying your document as it will appear in the KB.

Compare w/ active version

This allows you to compare the document you are editing in draft mode with the version that is live on the website. To compare a draft with the live doc:

  1. Click on the Save change button at the bottom of the body window.

  2. Click the  link at the bottom of the body window.

  3. This will bring up a new window displaying the draft version of your document on the left, and the current live version on the right.

  4. Differences will be color coded at the bottom of the screen.

See revisions

This tool allows you to see a list of all of the changes that have been made to a document. To view the revision history:

  1. Click on the Save change button at the bottom of the body window. Any unsaved changes will be lost when you view the revision history.

  2. Click the link at the bottom of the body window.

  3. This will take you to the Revision History screen which lists when the document was changed, in reverse chronological order. It indicates who made the updates, and the date of the update. Each version of the document is viewable by clicking on the title of the document. You can also compare versions of the document by checking the appropriate boxes in the Compare column and then clicking the Compare Selected button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Each revision will appear with its appropriate number in chronological order. At the bottom of the screen is the line-by-line comparison with old information in green and new information in red.
  5. You may restore to the version of you choice by clicking the Restore with version # button. A message will appear indicating that the document has been successfully restored. From that window, you can choose to view or edit the document.
  6. You may choose to edit the document as it is by clicking on the Edit document # button. You may view the document by clicking on the View document # button or return to the revision list by clicking on the Back to revision list button.
  7. You may choose to save a document revision as a new document. You can retrieve content from the old version of a document and activate it as a separate doc.
  8. savethisversion

The Show Changes button (Internal Live KB sites only)

The Show Changes button appears on the upper right side of a the screen when looking at the document on the internal KB site only.

Clicking on this button will display a pop up window called Show Changes: document ID #. Only text content of the current version and the last active version are compared. A message is displayed if the document has no previous active versions to compare. At the very bottom of this pop-up window you'll find:

  • deleted (old) text is crossed out and red,
  • inserted (new) text is underlined and green.

Images, videos and formatting changes are ignored.

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