Configuring WebDav Windows 7 and Mac OSX

This document covers adding a network drive while off the uwcx network and for those individuals who have been setup with WebDav access.

UWC and UWEX Faculty and Staff Access Rights to use WebDAV:

UW Colleges:  

Currently (as of 5/30/2012) NEW UW Colleges employee accounts (Faculty and Staff) are not automatically added to a virtual directory on citpWebDAV001v as had been the practice previously.  This directory must exists for an employee to use WebDAV to access their UW Colleges "My Docs" network directory folders and  files from their home or other remote computer.  At this time a request must be submitted for this access.  This type of request is assigned to the Tech Ops team.  Then a member of the Tech Ops team manually adds the employee to the virtual directory on citpWebDAV001v.

UW Extension:  

UW Extension employees are not set up in the virtual directory on citpWebDAV001v with WebDAV, unless CITS receives a request for remote access, where CITS determines WebDAV is the best solution for the user or group of users needs.

Overview of the WebDAV Service:
WebDAV is an abbreviation for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. WebDAV can be used from both Windows and Macintosh computers.  WebDAV provides the user access  to their personal (My Documents) network folder.  The user also has the functionality to create, change and move documents within their personal network folder structure, from an off-campus (remote) location, as if the files were stored in a local folder on their personal computer at home, or from any off-campus (remote) location where they have access to a computer with an active Internet connection.  

  • In certain special situations CITS also configures WebDAV to provide remote access rights and functionality   for a user or group of users to a shared network folder, or folders.

WebDAV replaces FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and VPN to transfer files between campus drives and users personal computers at home. 

Configuring WebDAV on a Windows 7 or Windows Vista Computer:

1. Click the Windows Start button, then navigate to "Computer" (Windows Explorer).
2. Select "Map network drive" from the Explorer window.
step 2

3. Click on the option "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures."
step 3

4. Click on Next from the "Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard" dialogue window.

step 4 

5. Select "Choose a custom network location" and click Next. 
step 5

6. Type the URL for the network share into the Internet or network address dialogue box, and click Next.

  • The URL to the network share setup for an employees personal network folder will be in this format:
     Replace firstname.lastname with your Username. 
  • CITS will provide the customer with the URL for a network share which they've set up for a shared network resource.
step 6

7. When you are prompted to authenticate to the UWCX network enter your username and password
you use to log on to your campus computer, or to your campus email via OWA.

8. If you prefer something other than the location name created by default, (optional) you may change the default to a location name that will help you identify this “location” in the future.  Review the 
example provided in the image below.
step 8

9. Click Finish at the "Completing the Add.." screen. 
step 9

10. The mapped network share will open displaying all the files in the particular share. You can find this 
location again by click on “My Network Places”
step 10

Configuring WebDAV on an Apple Computer (OS 10.4 and above):

1. Click on the desktop and select Go -> Connect to Server from the menu bar.  In the Server Address dialogue box type the URL “”. 
    Replace “firstname.lastname“ with your username.

step 1 mac  

2. If you receive the following message, there is no security risk.  Click on the Continue button.
step 2 mac

3. While your computer is connecting to the Server you will see a window which identifies the 
network share to which you are connecting. 
step 3 mac

4. You will be prompted to authenticate to the UWCX network.  Enter the Username and Password. 
you use to log on to your campus computer or access your campus email from OWA.  
step 4 mac

5. The network share will open when you are connected, demonstrated by the image below.
step 5 mac

6. Open the Share, and identify a document you want to edit, then drag the file(s) to the desktop.  Edit, as needed then Save the document(s) back to the desktop. 

To update the copy of the file(s) on the network share, drag the files from the desktop back into the network share. 

NOTE:  If you used the same file name(s), you will be prompted to overwrite the existing file(s). 

step 6 mac

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