Adding Additional Mailbox in Outlook 2010 or 2013

This document shows how to add a second mailbox in Outlook 2010 & 2013, as well as some prerequisites to successfully add an additional mailbox.

For users looking to add an additional mailbox in Outlook 2013, these procedures also work for 2013 as well as 2010. 


The primary mailbox owner's account must have Full Access, or Full Access + "Send as"  rights to the additional mailbox(s), before they can added & view the mailbox contents in Outlook.

If correct permissions have not been assigned when the account is added the primary account owner can view the folder names within the mailbox, but will not be able to view any of the folder contents.

To request an account be granted permission the owner of the account who wants the other person(s) account to be granted access to their email must submit the request to CITS.  By initiating the request their approval is implied. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the mailbox owner who want another account to be granted permission to their mailbox does not submit the request, CITS must contact the owner to get their approval to grant the requested permissions before proceeding
  • Include both your complete email address, and the complete email addresses for all  email accounts to which you want access permission granted.
  • Please specify whether Full Access, or Full Access + "Send as" permissions be granted.  If this is not specified, "Send as" permission will not be assigned.

Full Control Access:  With these permissions, email sent from the primary and additional mail accounts will all appear as if they come from the primary email account owner.

Full Control Access + "Send As":  With these permissions the primary mailbox owner may choose to send outgoing messages from the additional mail account so it appears to come from the mailbox owner.

How to Shut off Lync and exit using the System Tray

With Lync open click on Available underneath your name.

In the drop down select Log Out. 

The icon to the far left is your Lync Icon. 

To exit Lync using the system tray, right click the icon and click Exit. 

Setting Up Secondary Mailbox in Outlook 2010

1. From within the Outlook 2010 application, click on the File tab, then click on the Account Settings button, and select the Account Settings option from the list displayed.  The" E-mail Accounts" window will open.

2. In the "E-mail Accounts" window click on your mailbox to highlight it and then click on the Change… button.  The "Change Account" window will open.

3. In the "Change Account" window click on the More Settings… button.  The "Microsoft Exchange" window opens.

4. In the "Microsoft Exchange" window, click on the Advanced tab, and then in the Advanced tab view click on the Add button.

5. Type the alias for the mailbox you want to add into the Add mailbox: dialogue box, e.g., for an employee mailbox in most cases it is "first.last" and for a Resource mailbox it is usually the first section of the mailbox email address before the @ sign.  Click the OK button.

  • If you don't know the Alias name of the mailbox you can find it in Outlook's Global Address List (GAL).  Examples of mailbox Alias names as they appear in the GAL follow.

6. The mailbox you add is now listed in the Open these additional mailboxes: dialogue box. Click on Apply, then click on OK.

7. Your returned to the  "Change Account" window,  click on Next >, to continue.

8. Click on Finish, to save the changes you've made to your mailbox.

9. The mailbox(s) you added will now be listed on the Outlook Home tab after the primary email account mailbox.  Click on the triangle icon prior to the mailbox name to reveal the mailbox contents. 

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