Configure a Verizon Jetpack

Setup and configuring instructions for a Verizon Jetpack 4G wifi hotspot

To install the SIM card and battery: 

Note: Activate the SIM card according to service provider’s instructions before inserting into the Jetpack.

1. Remove the battery cover on the underside. This can be difficult- use a credit card or something similar to carefully pry it off.

2. Lift the tab labeled ‘Lift to insert SIM’, and insert the SIM card into the metal cage, with the notched corner on the side indicated by the diagram on the Jetpack.

3. Insert the battery, aligning the gold-colored contacts on the battery with the gold-colored prongs on the Jetpack. 

4. Replace the battery cover.

Important Things to Know:

Make sure to fully charge the Jetpack before the first use.

To find the wifi name and password, go menu-> Wi-Fi Name/Password

To find the admin password, go menu-> ⓘ About Jetpack -> More-> More

To configure the Jetpack, connect another device to the Jetpack’s wifi, then go to https:/my.jetpack in a web browser. The ‘Jetpack Settings’ tab allows the user to configure it in essentially the same way as a switch/router. The ‘connected devices’ tab shows a list of all connected and blocked devices, as well as an option to set/change the maximum number of devices allowed, and a button to block an individual connected device. The ‘About Jetpack’ tab displays diagnostics and logs of the Jetpack’s performance.

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