How To Create a Guest NetID

This document shows UW Madison employees or affiliates how to create Guest NetIDs.

A Guest NetID may only be issued by UW Madison employees.  To be eligible to create a UW Madison Guest NetID, employees of affiliated organizations (e.g. UW Hospitals, Wisconsin Alumni Association, UW Extension, etc.) must have a valid appointment with UW-Madison. The employee must put an expiration date on the Guest NetID when creating it. Once the account expires, it cannot be re-issued. If a guest needs to have their access extended, their host can create a new Guest NetID. There is no charge for this service.

All steps below are shown in the picture below. 

1. To begin, follow this link. New Net ID
Note: You will need to enter a Net ID and password. Only current UW Madison employees and Affiliates can create a guest ID.

2. Select requested root > Guest NetIDs always come with "tmp-" plus the root name (up to 5 characters) and a series of numbers. The numbers are randomly generated by the system. You may select your root name.

3. Number of Accounts Requested > Select the number of accounts you wish to create. You can create up to 999 guest accounts.

4. Expiration Date > The expiration date of each account must be set from 1 to 31 days from account creation.
Note: If a user needs access longer than 31 days, you must create a new NetID after 31 days is over.
Note: Once Guest NetIDs have expired, it will take at least 1 week for the NetID to be released for reuse.

5. Optional Information > This section is for the user only, and is optional. If you wish to add notes about why you are creating these accounts, you may do so here.

What Happens After You Submit Account Request?

1. Your request is processed. This may take a few minutes depending on the number of accounts you have requested.

2. After it has finished processing, you will be provided with the Guest NetID, Passowrds, Service, Status, and Expiration Date of each account.

3. You will then have the option of exporting this to Microsoft Excel, Text file(comma delimited), and an HTML doc with page breaks so you can provide each user an individual copy of their information.
Note: Exporting an HTML doc with page breaks is generally the preferred method.

View/Change My Currently Active Guest IDs

In this page you can:
  • View what Net IDs are currently active and when they expire(d).
  • See a Guest NetID password in the event a user forgot their password.
  • Release a Guest NetID for Reuse (will be available for reuse after 1 week)

View My Guest NetID Request History

In this page you can:
  • View what NetIDs have been set up
  • View what service was set up
  • View when each NetID was activated and expired.

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