Steps Recorder - Screenshots Made Easy!

This document shows users how to utilize Steps Recorder- a function on your Windows 7 or 8 computer that tracks the steps you take in a program with screenshots.

Steps Recorder is a program already installed on your Windows 7 or 8 computer that allows you to function normally while taking screenshots. This is especially useful if you are having trouble with a certain program. You can record what steps you took and exactly what the problem looks like!

To access the Steps Recorder:

1. Open the Start menu. In the search bar, type in Steps Recorder.

2. Once you have opened the Steps Recorder program, there will be 3 options: Start Record, Stop Record, and Add Comment.
a. Start Record will begin tracking your steps. Each time you click, it will take a screenshot. If you are using dual monitors, it will record what's happening on both screens.
b. Stop Record will end tracking your steps. When you click stop it will not take a screenshot.
c. Add Comment is useful if you are confused on a step or want to explain why you are doing something. 

3. Your screenshots will then be saved in a .zip file. You can open ("unzip") the file, and it will have saved as an .mhtml document.

4. Once you open the saved document, it will open in a new tab/window in Internet Explorer. From here you can review your screenshots and save the ones you want.

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