Qualtrics - View Results and Reports

This article reviews the features within Qualtrics for reporting and analyzing data from completed Qualtrics surveys.


Qualtrics is a web-based survey service administered by the CITS Learning Technology team.

All users in the UW Colleges and UW Extension network can create a Qualtrics survey account.

Use the View Results tab in Qualtrics to aggregate the results of your surveys and generate reports to analyze data from those surveys.

View Results Tab

Within View Reports, you have four options:
  • View Reports
  • Responses
  • Download Data
  • Cross Tabulation

View Reports

View Reports button

This feature allows you to create and edit reports to analyze the results of your surveys. By default, Qualtrics creates a report with one table for each of the questions on your survey. You can modify this Initial Report.

You can select which questions from the survey will show up on your report by checking or unchecking them. You can also drag your questions up or down to change the order they appear in on the report.

Questions menu with sample questions.

For each question you include on the report, Qualtrics produces a table of the results. You can edit or remove a table by clicking on it. 

Table showing the distribution of answers to a sample question

You can add a graph for any question by clicking on Add Graph.

Add Graph button.

You change the type of graph (bar, pie, line, etc), edit the captions, and change the data source by hovering over a graph and using Graph Options.

Sample graph showing the Graph Options menu.

Once you're satisfied with a report, you can:
  • Export Report as PDF or a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file.
  • Use Public Report to generate a URL where users can view your report on the Web. The publicly viewable report updates automatically as new respondents take your survey. 
  • Schedule Report Email to have the email sent every week or every month to an email address you designate.
Exporting options for Reports.


Responses button.

The Responses feature allows you clean up your data by sorting, editing, and deleting responses from individual survey respondents.

You could select and delete responses received while the survey was in preview mode, for example. 

List of metadata about the responses to a sample survey

If you used an anonymous survey link, respondents are identified by IP Address. If you used the Email Survey feature to send unique survey URLs to respondents, they will be identified by name. 

Useful Advanced Options include:
  • Import Responses to bring in survey responses from a spreadsheet. You may need to do this if you have a large volume of paper surveys or if you're combining results from two identical surveys.
  • Generate Test Responses to create test data so that you can preview your reports.
  • Delete Survey Previews and Delete Survey Tests to automatically delete common categories of fake responses.
Advanced Options for editing survey responses.

Download Data

The Download Data feature allows you to export your survey response data so that you can analyze it outside of Qualtrics, using software such as Excel or SPSS.

You can choose which questions do include, use question numbers or question labels as your headers, specify specific date ranges, schedule the download to happen in the future, and choose the file type of the downloaded data. 

Menu of configuration options for downloading survey data from Qualtrics

Cross Tabulation

Cross Tabulation button.

The Cross Tabulation feature allows you to compare respondents' answers based on how they answered other questions.

Sample cross tabulation table

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