Scheduled D2L Brightspace Course Deletions

This document describes the annual D2L Brightspace course purge process and answers related questions from an instructor perspective.

What does it mean to "purge" D2L courses?
To purge a D2L course refers to the complete removal and deletion of that course with no way of restoring it. To purge a D2L course is to permanently delete it. This includes all files and student records. Note that “purge” will henceforth be referred to as “course cleanup,” since that more clearly describes the process of removing obsolete courses.

How do I know if I have any courses slated for deletion?
Instructors can view their D2L courses in the My Courses widget of the D2L home page. Courses are identified by semester and year. Note that instructors might need to click on the Plus icon to the left of a semester to expand and display the list of their courses in that semester. All courses that are part of a term slated for deletion will be removed if no action is taken. Instructors should contact Michael Merline or Karla Farrell if they have any questions about what is going to be deleted.

Why are we limiting the course cleanup process to these older D2L courses?
We do not delete relatively recent courses primarily because students need sufficient time to finish incomplete extensions and challenge grades, while instructors need sufficient time to reoffer their course. Retaining recent courses is consistent with the guidelines and policies of the UW Records Officers Council.

What about courses I offer on a regular basis?
In most cases, when a course is offered again by the same instructor, that course's content, files, grade book and discussion structure are copied from a previous offering into the new offering. Once that copy process is complete, the earlier version of the course offering can be deleted without affecting the new course offering. If a course periodicity spans several years, steps must be taken to ensure the original course offering is not deleted too soon. Instructors in this situation should contact Michael Merline or Karla Farrell immediately.

How do I retain my grade book so I can review student performance after the course ends?
The D2L grade book can be exported to a CSV file that can be opened with Excel and other applications. Please note that it is important to maintain the privacy of student records when downloading or saving student progress. Student data should be saved on campus-housed, password-protected network storage rather than on local hard drives. Questions regarding how long grade books and student records may be retained should be forwarded to a campus Records Officer.

How do I save elements of my obsolete archival courses?
Content, course files and quizzes can be copied into a newer offering of the same course or a sandbox course. For help downloading course files, please visit

Can I archive my obsolete courses?
Instructors can export their content files, grade book and student files and retain them locally. Contact Michael Merline or Karla Farrell for more information on how to export course data.

What if I do nothing?
Your courses will be permanently deleted on schedule. In most cases, you will not need these courses and do not need to take any action. However, if a course that should be archived is not protected, it will not be possible to recover that course after it is deleted.

Who can I contact if I need help?
Please contact one of your campus D2L site administrators—Michael Merline, Karla Farrell and Thomas Arendalkowski via the CITS Service Center.

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