Class Climate - Generating and Printing Surveys (Paper)

This document explains how administrators can create and print paper course evaluation surveys in Class Climate.

Class Climate is a campus enterprise course evaluation system used by UW Colleges to evaluate instructors for purposes of tenure, promotion, merit, and retention. The Student Survey of Instruction program is governed by UW Colleges Senate Policy 301.01, Administering the Student Survey of Instruction. Course evaluations will be administered for all courses every third semester, and may be administered for other courses upon request.

Early each semester, CITS Instructional Technology adds course information to Class Climate. Once this is done, a campus or regional administrator needs to generate and distribute surveys for each course which will be evaluated. For face-to-face courses, surveys are distributed on paper. There is a separate guide for creating and distributing online surveys for online and NODE courses.

To generate and print paper surveys, campus or regional administrators should do the following:

A) Login

Login to Class Climate at using the username and the password that was provided to you.

B) Generate paper surveys

Before printing, you have to associate each course with a questionnaire (SSI-term for face-to-face courses) and activate that course's survey period.

1) Click on Subunits in the Main Menu, then Generate Surveys in the left-hand column.

Generate Surveys link

2) On the Generate Surveys menu, select the following:

Generating Surveys for paper

Subunit - Select your campus. For most people, only one subunit will appear. Ex: UW Marinette.

Survey Period - Select the current semester. Ex: Fall 2015 is FS 15/16

Course Type – Most courses will be under Course Type: Lecture or Others. To view all courses available in your subunit, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while you click to select more than one course.

Questionnaire - Select SSI-term

Course - Scroll to the course(s) you wish to survey. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while you click to select more than one course.

Paper survey - select Hard Copy Procedure. The survey will be customized with the instructor’s name and class in the header and the bar code.

3) Click Generate Surveys.

4) Your surveys will now exist within Class Climate. The software will send you to the Display Surveys screen, and you will see the courses have a Status of In Progress.

Display Surveys status

C) Print multiple surveys from Batch Events

When you need to print surveys from several courses or you need advanced features like an individual serial number on each student’s questionnaire, the Batch Events menu gives you the options you need.

1) Click Batch Events in the Context menu on the left side of the screen.

Batch Events menu

2) On the Batch Events menu, select the following:

Batch Events menu

Print Cover Sheets / Forms: This lets you print surveys instead of reports.

Hide surveys with documents which have already been sent and Hide surveys with existing data: Check this box to ignore surveys you've already printed. Uncheck it to find surveys that you might have already printed.

Subunit: Select your campus.

Survey Period: Select the current semester. Ex: FS15/16 for Fall 2015.

Course Type: Select the appropriate types of courses. Usually Lecture and Others.

Questionnaire: SSI-term

Courses: Select one or more courses. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while you click to select more than one course.

Create complete sets of questionnaires: Select this radio button. This will let you print the correct number of questionnaires for each course, based on the number of students enrolled.

Add serial number for automatic sorting: Uncheck this box for courses that use the standard questionnaire. Longer questionnaires that are printed on multiple pieces of paper may need a serial number.

3) Click Next

4) Select all the courses that you wish to print. Verify that the Copies field has the correct number of participants. Click Request.

Batch Events copies

5) This will generate a single PDF file with surveys for all of the students in the courses you requested. Use Adobe Acrobat's Print menu to print it.


D) Verify printed questionnaires

1) Look at the printed questionnaires. Verify the following:

  • you printed the correct courses
  • you printed enough copies for all of the participants in the course
  • copies are legible
  • each page has a barcode and at least three of the four cornerstones

If any page of the batch is missing the barcode or more than one of the cornerstones, it is unusable. Recycle it and print a new copy.

2) Your surveys are now ready to distribute to the participants!

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