D2L Course Activation FAQ

D2L Course Sites will exist and be active by default. As of 11/03/2015, instructors will not have to request D2L course sites. Instructors still need to request combined sites or when they have unique situations.

What do I need to do to request my D2L course sites for upcoming terms?
Nothing. Course sites are now coming in from Prism already active.

I like my sections of a course combined. How do I do that?
In that case, you’ll still need to complete a course request form. https://insttech.uwc.edu/d2lcourserequest.aspx 

What about NODE courses?
We’ll still create the NODE course sites.

What about cross-listed courses?
We’re trying something new this term in that we’ll combine cross-listed sections without being asked. You’ll have to let us know if we miss anything.

I’d like you to add another instructor to my class. What do I do?
Please complete a course request form https://insttech.uwc.edu/d2lcourserequest.aspx and indicate which section or sections and who you want added using the Other Requests field. You can also submit a service center ticket.

I’m the instructor for a class and I don’t see the D2L site for it.
If you just became the instructor of record in Prism today, look in D2L tomorrow. The Prism/D2L integration process isn’t immediate. In fact, it happens overnight. 
If you were hired as the instructor a while ago and you still don’t see a site, confirm that you are the instructor of record in Prism.

I can’t see my Colleges Online courses for next term
That’s temporary. You’ll be able to view them once content has been added to them.

I have two sites for the same course
Put in a ticket and we’ll check it out. It usually means that someone changed a section number in Prism and now there are two sites in D2L: one with the old section number and one with the new.

I don’t want to have a D2L course site. How do I de-activate it?
First of all, we’d like to recommend that you don’t. Your students get confused when they login to D2L and they don’t see all of their classes listed. You can use your site to post announcements such as class cancellations and reminders. If nothing else, consider posting a news item that indicates that you don’t use D2L or use it infrequently. Better yet, post your syllabus in the Content area. 

If you really don’t want a course site, access the course site. Under My Tools, select Edit Course. Click Course Offering Information. Uncheck the box next to Course is Active. Once you check that box, you (and your students) will no longer be able to see the course site. 

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