Student Survey of Instruction - Workflow (Class Climate)

The process of creating, distributing, and analyzing course evaluations, Student Surveys of Instruction (SSI), at UW Colleges involves the work of several people in different offices over a span of weeks. This document provides a high-level overview of who does what and when.

This workflow is a modified version of the guidelines proposed by Provost Greg Lampe on 02/24/2016. This workflow was originally designed for to Spring 2016 paper course evaluations generated for face-to-face courses. The workflow has since been extended out through Fall 2016. UW Colleges Online and Distance Education courses use online surveys and follow a different procedure.

For a flowchart of the process, see: 

Student Survey of Instruction Workflow (PDF)

1. Central IT loads course information for all courses into Class Climate.

2. Regional Executive Assistants (REA)  create a spreadsheet of the faculty/IAS members who request or need course evaluations. The spreadsheet will include campus, region, and course information. This should be done about the 5th week of classes (exception: accelerated/short-term classes; see policy).
a. Determine who needs to administer student evaluations in a non-mandatory semester (see Senate Policies 301.01 and 320 for additional information):
  • First-year instructors. A spreadsheet of hires should be maintained by the Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (RADAA) and submitted to the REA/Provost Office.
  • Instructors teaching a particular class for the first time . An email would need to be sent to the RADAAs each semester to identify such courses.
  • Second- and fifth-year probationary faculty. Provost Office will maintain record.
  • Per Department Chair directive and/or Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs directive
  • There are additional/special instructions/notations that can be found in the policy (such as multiple-instructor courses, Online courses, LEC 100 courses, etc.)
b.  An email should be sent campus/region-wide to all instructors, asking if they would like to administer course evaluations for their own use (collected by the REA and submitted to the Provost’s Office)
c. A spreadsheet of all individuals to be evaluated should  be emailed to all department chairs and RADAAs to double-check and indicate if there are errors or if anyone should be included (or removed) from the list.
d. In a mandatory semester (see Senate Policies 301.01 and 320), all courses should be set up for student evaluations

3. REA generate surveys, print paper questionnaires, and compile packets for everyone in the spreadsheet.
b. After printing the questionnaires, look at them to verify:
  • copies are legible
  • each page has a barcode and at least three of the four cornerstones:
  • If any page of the batch has a misprinted barcode or more than one damaged cornerstone, it is unusable. Recycle it and print a new copy.
c. Print a cover sheet for each course with instructions for students and instructors. Cover sheets need to be tailored for each campus. Note: Use Microsoft Word for these cover sheets. UWC does not use the Cover Sheet feature in Class Climate; that Class Climate feature interferes with scanning.
d. Each cover sheet needs to have the name of the instructor, the course name and number, the campus, and where to return the completed packet.
e. Appropriate number of envelopes should be ordered and received in time for compiling the packets.

4. REA send spreadsheets and packets to the Campus Administrative Specialist (CAS) for each campus.
a. Campus/University van could be used to save money.

5. CAS contact the faculty/IAS about picking up the SSI evaluation packet.
a. Or, CAS could distribute into instructors’ mailboxes.
b. Packets should be distributed at least three full weeks before the end of the course, or earlier; see policy.

6. Instructors distribute the SSI to their students in accordance with Senate Policy 301.01.

7. Students take the SSI, then return it to the CAS.

8. CAS collect completed SSIs and send all materials to the REA.

9. REA organizes completed SSI evaluation forms to send to Central Information Technology Services for scanning. This should be done within a couple days after the last day of classes.
a. Remove blank forms from packets.
b. Organize completed forms by campus and instructor.
c. Box up all completed forms (and only the forms). Do not send envelopes or cover sheets. Do not use any separator sheet between class sections.
d. Send via snail mail to Central Information Technology Services:
Thomas Arendalkowski
UW Colleges Central Information Technology Services
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715-2635

10. Central Information Technology Services scans completed surveys using Class Climate scanners and software. This should be done within 5 business days of receiving them.

11. REA generates and distributes results via email to faculty/IAS members. Results should be generated and emailed about a week after the end of final exams, but no sooner than 4 days after grades are posted.
a. After scanning is complete, REA  generates results (statistical analysis and comments) through Class Climate. See Class Climate - Reporting Survey Results for instructions. 
b. Generate and email results to individuals (make sure the email address is the email; there are many instances where the email is a personal email).
c. The results also had been emailed to the appropriate RADAA. 
d. Note that a full report of results is emailed to each instructor; that same full report can be sent to the Regional Associate Dean/Campus Administrator, OR, there is a shorter more succinct report that can be run for the Regional Associate Dean/Campus Administrator if so desired.
e. REA needs to post the results for each instructor into the designated SharePoint site. The Campus Evaluations Committee members will need access to that site when it is the campus year to evaluate.

12. The Department Chairs' Assistant generates and distributes results to the department chairs.
a. See Class Climate - Reporting Survey Results for instructions.

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