Windows 7 - Managing Saved Passwords

This document describes how to locate and manage saved passwords in Windows 7.

When a user saves a password for any application on a Windows 7 computer that password is saved in the Credential Manager.  The Credential Manager allows users to manage saved passwords.  In the Credential Manager a saved password can be updated or deleted.


1.  To open the Credential Manager click Start > Control Panel > Credential Manager.


     If the Credential Manager is not in the list of Control Panel applications, change the view to Small icons.

a. In the upper right corner of the Control Panel there is a "View by:" dropdown menu.


b. Click on the arrow to open the View by menu and select Small icons.






2. In the Credential Manager saved passwords are categorized.


    The 3 categories are:

  • Windows Credentials
  • Certificate-Based credentials
  • Generic Credentials.

EXAMPLE:  A customer has saved their password in Outlook.  The customer recently changed their UWCX password, and they report now after successfully logging into Outlook they are repeatedly prompted to enter their user name and password.  While the customer was not prompted to log into Outlook before their UWCX password changed they are now because their saved password is now incorrect.  Login credentials must be exchanged between Outlook and the Credential Manager multiple times.  Normally this all takes place in the background.  However, now that the saved password is incorrect, this action prompts the user to log in each time.  To resolve the issue, the customer's saved password must either be updated, or deleted for Outlook.

A. Open the Credential Manager.


B. MS Outlook is located in the "Generic Credentials" section.  Click on the arrow to the right of MS.Outlook to expand the view.



3. Click on Edit to change the saved password, or click Remove from Vault to deleted the saved password.




~ If you select Edit, the following dialogue window opens.  Enter your new UWCX password and then click Save.




~ If you select Remove from Vault the following dialogue window opens.  Click Yes to delete the saved password.




4. Close the Credential Manager window.

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