Class Climate - Adding and Editing Courses

Class Climate is a campus enterprise course evaluation system used by UW Colleges to evaluate instructors for purposes of tenure, promotion, merit, and retention. Course evaluations will be administered for all courses every third semester, and may be administered for other courses upon request.

Early each semester, CITS Instructional Technology does a bulk upload of course information to Class Climate. Sometimes a regional administrator will need to add an individual course to Class Climate. Common reasons include:
  • The course is accelerated, and needs a Student Survey of Instruction before the bulk upload can be completed
  • The course was added or changed after the bulk upload
  • The course is a NODE course or point-to-point course, and needs to be assigned to a different campus
  • The course exists in Class Climate, but course information needs to be edited
To add a single course to Class Climate, do the following:

1) Use PRISM or the course catalog to gather:
  • Instructor name (ex: David Carlson)
  • Course number (ex: PHI 241)
  • Section Number (ex: L001)
  • Class Number (ex: 1293)
  • Course Name (ex: Ethics)
  • Campus (ex: RCK)
  • Number of enrolled students (ex: 9)
PRISM Course Information

2)  Login to Class Climate at using the username and the password that was provided to you.

3)  Click on Subunits in the Main Menu, then select the Subunit which matches the course's campus.

Subunits menu in Class Climate

4) Scroll down the list of Users in subunit, find the correct instructor, and click on the number in brackets in the CO column.

Users in subunit UW Rock County

4a) If the instructor isn’t on the Users by Subunit list, scroll to the bottom of the Users by Subunit list and click on Create New User. Fill in the user’s information. For a more thorough description of this step, see Class Climate - Adding a new instructor.

Create New User

5) On the Courses screen, click Create new course.

Courses of [Instructor]

6) On the Edit course screen, fill out the course information.

In Course name, combine the instructor's last name, course name, course number, section number, and class number. (ex: Carlson - Ethics PHI 241 L001 1293)

In ID, combine course number, section number, and class number. (ex: PHI 241 L001 1293)

In Evaluation Period, choose the semester.

In Course type, choose Lecture, Lab, or Discussion.

Edit course information

7) Click OK to finish creating the course.

On the Courses of [Instructor] page, verify that the course information is correct. 

If anything needs to be changed, click on the pencil-shaped Edit Course icon and correct what needs to be corrected.

Courses of... instructor.

You are now ready to generate and print paper surveys for the course.

If you need paper surveys, you are now done.

Online Surveys

If you need online surveys, then you need to add the students' email addresses after completing steps 1-7, above.

8) click on the pencil-shaped Edit course icon.

Courses of... instructor

9) On the Edit course screen, click on Administrate Participants.

Administer participants

10) On the Administrate Participants screen, click Add to manually enter email addresses or Import to upload a list of email addresses in a .csv (spreadsheet) file.

Administrate participants

If you need online surveys, you are now done.

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