D2L version 10.6

Changes in UI in D2L. Upgrade to version 10.6 on 6/9/2016.

D2L, a Learning Management System (LMS) hosted by Learn@UW at UW-Madison, was upgraded to version 10.6 on June 9, 2016. 

For BOTH Instructor and Student View

  • In previous versions of D2L, PDFs were treated like images. PDFs now have most of the features of PDFs outside of D2L. For example, PDFs are now searchable, hyperlinks work, and documents can be viewed full-screen.
  • In Account Settings/Account Settings tab, users can determine if discussion items in the reading view are automatically marked as read as the page scrolls. If the button is checked, the narrow vertical blue line next to unread discussion items does not automatically disappear.   If you use an assistive technology such as a screen reader then you may wish to check the box.
Reading Content
  • In Discussions/Settings and Account Settings/Discussions, users can determine if they will be subscribed to a thread by default, if they create the thread.
Impact on Student View

In Content; 
  • Upcoming Events is now Course Schedule
  • Overdue assignments linked from Content will now display on an Overdue tab. Tab will disappear once the assignment is completed:
overdue tab
In Groups:
  • For groups created with the option of self-enrollment, students will now be able to see who the other members of a group are before selecting a group.
Impact on Instructor View

Instructor Dashboard
Instructor now have the opportunity to use a personal dashboard as their D2L homepage. View the video to learn more: https://youtu.be/rOt_XiXFEbI

In News:
  • Deleted News items can now be restored. Restore is found under More Actions in the News tool.
  • Paste from Word is no longer an option as regular paste performs the same function.
In Content:
  • The import/export button is now Import Course in Content. Import/Export/Copy Components is still available in My Tools/Edit Course.
  • Copy Course Components will now include associated files by default. 
  • Once components have been copied into a course, instructors will be able to view a history of copied components into the course. The history will include the name of the course that was copied, the user that initiated the copy, and the time and date of the copy.
In Groups:
  • Change in the description for self-enrollment groups. It now says # of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrollment.
  • Instructors will be able to set an expiration date for self-enrollment.
  • If a self-enrollment date is established, Instructors will be able indicate that unenrolled users after the expiration date will be assigned to a group.
In Dropbox:
  • There is an Event Log under More Actions. Instructors will be able to view when Dropbox folders were created and deleted. If a folder has been deleted, Instructors will be able to restore the folder.
  • Individual Dropbox folders will have a Submission Log. Contributions deleted will display the history with the option to restore deleted submissions.
In Discussions:
  • Discussions now have a Bulk delete option to delete multiple forums and topics.
  • In READING view, discussions that have been linked to the gradebook can be assessed in the Discussion tool.

In Gradebook:
  • The Grades tool now has two distinct icons for Released Final Grades to make it more clear to Instructors whether or not the final grade has been released. An eye with a slash on it has not been released. An open eye has been released and will be able to be viewed by students.
final adjusted grade
  • The number of students displayed per page option is now located next to the email button instead of near the middle of the page.
users per page selection tool

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