Creating and Adding a Custom LibGuide Widget to a Course Homepage

Librarians and Instructors create LibGuides for courses. They can add a direct link from D2L to the LibGuide by customizing a widget and adding it to a D2L course homepage.

After you’ve created your LibGuide at, you may want to add it to the course homepage.

  1. Access the course in D2L.
  2. Select My Tools/Edit Course.
  3. Click Widgets.
  4. Click the Copy icon on the same line as Course Specific LibGuide.Copy Icon
  5. A message box will appear with asking you to confirm that you wish to create a copy of the Course Specific LibGuide widget. Click yes.
  6. Your copy will appear below the widget that you copied. Click the pencil on the same line as Course Specific LibGuide – Copy.
  7. On the Properties tab, edit the Name field to match the name of the course + “Research Guide”.Example: Bus/Eng 210 Research Guide
  8.  Click the Content tab and delete the text “Copy the embed code for your course LibGuide from and use the Insert Stuff button above to add it to the widget.”
  9.  Navigate to Libguides in a new tab of your browser and sign in.
  10.  In Libguides, choose Widgets in the Tools menu.
  11. Under the first tab called, Guides, scroll down to the Search section and enter the name of the guide that you previously created in the Terms field and click Update.  The name of your guide should now show up under the Preview section.
  12. Copy the Embed Code from the field in the upper right by clicking within the field to select all the text and then press CTRL+C on a Windows machine or Command+C on a Mac.
  13. Return to the browser tab with D2L open on it. On the Contents tab of the widget that you are creating, click the Insert Stuff button.
  14. Click Enter Embed Code. In the resulting Embed Code field, press CTRL+V on a Windows machine or Command+V on a Mac to paste the LibGuides code into the field.
  15. Click Next.
  16.  Click Insert.
  17.  Click Save and Close.
  18.  Confirm that your widget is linked to the correct guide by clicking the Preview button on the same line as the name of your course widget on the Custom Widget List. 
    1. Example:Preview widget
  19. Click the Homepages link.
    1. Homepages
  20. Click the down arrow next to the homepage called Course Home 10.6 LibGuide and select Copy.
  21. Click the name of the copy that you just made, it will appear below the original with the name “Copy” after it.
  22. Rename this new homepage with the name of the Course.
  23. Scroll down and click the Add Widgets button below the News widget in the right hand column.
  24. Scroll to find the widget that you created and check the box in front of the name.
  25. Click Add.
  26. Click Save and Close.
  27. Under Active Homepage, click the down arrow to select the new page that you created in steps 20-22 and click Apply.
    1. Active Homepage
  28. Click Course Home in the course navigation bar to confirm that the correct homepage that contains your widget displays.

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