Kaltura (Mediaspace) - Uploading, Publishing, and Sharing Video

Kaltura MediaSpace is the video portal for UW Colleges. Instructors, students, and staff can use it to easily upload, store, stream, and share (or restrict) videos. Kaltura describes Mediaspace as "a social video and rich media portal that enables you to create your own Campus or Corporate YouTube."

Uploading Video

If you already have a video recorded, you can upload it to Kaltura MediaSpace from your My Media page. Follow these steps:

2) Log in using your UWC username and password.

3) Click on Add New, then Media Upload

Add New, then Media Upload

4) On the Upload Media page, click on Choose a file to upload, then browse your computer to select a video file.

Upload videos

Kaltura can process most major video file types and formats. Upload time will depend on bandwidth and file size.

5) Once your video has finished uploading, fill out the metadata for your video:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Publishing status (see Publishing Video, below)

Upload videos
6) Click Save.

Now your video is in Kaltura Mediaspace!

Finished video

Publishing Video

When you upload a video to Kaltura MediaSpace, you can decide who else gets to see it. Kaltura has three basic levels of permission:

Private - Video will be visible to the owner only.
Unlisted - Video will be visible to anyone with a link to the page.
Published - Video will be visible to anyone, and who will be serchable on the site.

You can set these publishing levels while uploading a video (above). 

To change the publishing level for your video after you first upload it, go to My Mediacheck the box next to the video, and select Actions > Publish on the drop-down menu.

Actions > Publish

From there, select the level of publishing that you want, and click Save.


Sharing Video

Once you have a video in Kaltura MediaSpace, you can share it with audiences in a variety of ways.


You can link to the media page for a video in any email or website. Linking is available for Unlisted or Published videos, but not Private videos.

1) Go to My Media, then navigate to the page for the video that you want. 
2) Copy the URL at the top of the page, or... 
3) Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Share, and copy the URL under Link to Media Page (the URLs are the same).

URL for the video


Instead of sending your users to a separate webpage with your video, you can use embed code to embed your videos directly into another website. Embedding is available for Unlisted or Published videos, but not Private videos.

Follow these steps:

1) Go to My Media, then navigate to the page for the video that you want. 

2) On the page for your video,
  • scroll to the bottom of the page
  • click Embed
  • select the video size and player (see 3, below) you want
  • copy the embed code [ctrl +c].

Embed code

3) [optional] You may also see an option to choose which video player interface you want to embed. In that case, select radio button for the video player interface you want to use.

Basic player
Download player
Share and embed player
Download, share, and embed player

4) Go to the site you want to embed the video into and open the HTML editor for that site.

HTML Source Editor

5) Paste [ctrl + v] the embed code in the appropriate place in the HTML code.

HTML with embed code

6) Save your file.

Your video should now show up on the website.

Embedded video

D2L Insert Stuff

Because Kaltura is integrated with D2L Brightspace, you can add your Kaltura videos directly into Content, Discussions, and News items.

Follow these steps:

1) Open up your D2L Content, Discussion, or News item. 

2) On the Edit HTML File screen, click the Insert Stuff button.

Insert Stuff

3) On the Insert Stuff popup, select My Media, select the video you want, then click Next.

Insert Stuff

4) On the preview screen, click Insert.


5) Your video is now in your D2L Content, Discussion, or News item. Click Update to save.

Video in D2L

Your video should now show up in D2L.

Embedded video

Note: This will override the MediaSpace privacy settings you've put onto a video. Private videos will become available to anyone enrolled in your D2L course if shared this way.

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