Connecting to UW Colleges wireless - for faculty and staff

The wireless network on UW College campuses allows faculty and staff to connect their own devices.

Wireless for Personal Devices

Faculty and staff are welcomed and encouraged to use the UW Colleges wireless network with their personal devices.

The first and best option for personal devices is the UWC-BYOD* network. When you connect to this network, you will be asked for your campus username and password. Once you authenticate, you will have access to the internet, email, and certain campus network resources, such as printers and class file shares.
Faculty and staff are also welcome to connect to the UWC-Guest* network, which connects to the internet and email only. The UWC-Guest network does not require authentication or encryption.

*Networks on the UW-Baraboo and UW-Richland networks have different names. Students should use BRB-BYOD on the UW-Baraboo campus and RLN-BYOD on the UW-Richland campuses.


The options provided by different laptops, tablets and phones are too varied for UW Colleges and CITS to provide specific help with every device.

Q: My device asks for both "identity" and "anonymous identity" as part of the login? What do I do?
A: "Identity" is you UW Colleges netID. "Anonymous identity" should be left blank"

Q: My device is asking me to specify a bunch of security settings. What are they?
A: Most devices "negotiate" with the wireless network and configure the connection without any intervention from you. If you get asked for the Security Type and Encryption Type, it is likely that your device does not support the latest wireless security protocols. Here are the settings we use.

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption Type: AES  (or AES-CCMP)

Network Authentication Method: Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)

Authentication method: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)

Q: These security settings aren't options on my laptop/phone/tablet. What should I do?
A: The encryption and authentication options available are determined by your wireless network adapter. Generally, these adapters cannot be updated. One option is to use the UWC-Guest network. There are certain limitations, but you should be able to access the internet and your UWC email account. Another option for laptops is to purchase a small, inexpensive USB wireless adapter. Before you purchase one, please check with the device manufacturer that it supports both your laptop(model #) and the appropriate wireless security and authentication protocols.

Q: I don't know or remember my campus username and password.
A: This article should help: [Link for document 33063 is unavailable at this time.]

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