Kaltura (Mediaspace) - Lecture Capture with CaptureSpace

Kaltura is the video portal for UW Colleges. Instructors, students, and staff can use it to easily upload, store, stream, and share (or restrict) videos. Kaltura CaptureSpace is a light, easy tool that UWC users can use to record screencast and webcam recordings, and automatically upload those recordings to Kaltura.

This guide discusses one particular type of recording: how to record a speech or lecture in a classroom. This guide assumes that the room is equipped with a webcam and microphone attached to a computer with the Kaltura CaptureSpace software, and that the webcam and microphone are sufficient for the space.

Set up: 

1) Turn on the computer with the webcam and the microphone and log in.

2) Go to Kaltura MediaSpace (https://uwcmedia.uwc.edu/).
MediaSpace home screen

3) Click on Guest button at the top right of the screen. Log in using your UWC username and password.
Guest dropdown menu

If you want the video to be saved to someone else's Kaltura MediaSpace account, that person should log in instead of you.

4) Start the CaptureSpace recorder: Add New > Record with CaptureSpace.
Add New, then Record with CaptureSpace Lite

5) In the CaptureSpace recorder, go to Settings and confirm that the software is connecting to the webcam and microphone you want to use:
a. Select a Webcam lets you choose from all of the cameras attached to the computer.
b. Select a Microphone  lets you choose from all of the microphones attached to the computer. 
Click Save.

Settings screen. Select a Webcam, Select a Microphone, then Save.

6) If the presenter plans on using slides, open PowerPoint and navigate to the presentation the presenter wants to use.

Record Speeches:

7) Start recording in CaptureSpace. Click the Record tab, then: 
  • Webcam to record video only or 
  • Screen & Webcam to record video and a PowerPoint.
Record, then Webcam

8) Verify that the presenter is in-frame for the webcam and can speak into the microphone.

9) Wait for the countdown to complete, then direct the presenter to begin.

10) The presenter gives the speech or lecture.

11) Finalize the recording by clicking Done.
Pause, Done, and Cancel. Select Done.

12) A screen will pop up with a preview of the video. Click Done again
Done and Cancel. Select Done.

13) Give the speech a title (ex: Student - Class - Assignment). Click Upload to send the video to the server.
Upload Options screen. Enter a title and click Upload.

14) The video will upload to your MediaSpace account and process in the background. You'll get a confirmation screen: "Your recording '[recording name]' was uploaded...." Click Close.
Upload Success screen. Select Close.

15) If you have other speeches or lectures to record, repeat steps 7-14 for each one.


You've created some fantastic videos, and you know that they're on the Kaltura server. Now you need to make them available to viewers. 

On UWC's MediaSpace site, you can make the video publicly available for anyone to search for or available to anyone who has the link. Follow the steps in the Kaltura - Uploading, Publishing, and Sharing Video guide.

You can also add the videos to any of your D2L courses. Follow the steps in the Kaltura - Videos in D2L Brightspace guide.

You should also consider getting the video captioned to make it more accessible. UWC is running a captioning pilot which pays for videos to be captioned: Video Captioning with Kaltura.

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