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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Using the KB Link Doc Feature

The KB Link Doc feature allows you to link to easily link to another KB document. This document explains how the KB Link Doc feature works and how to add use it in your own documents.

Advantages of Using a KB Link Doc

When adding a KB Link Doc, you do not need to specify the link display text (i.e., the text that the user actually sees and clicks on). You simply enter the ID number of the document you are linking to, and the KB will use the current title of the document as the display text. This happens dynamically, so if the title of the linked document is edited, the new title will be used for the Link Doc the next time the page loads.

NoteInformation icon

This feature can also be used to link to a News item or a topic-based search. News items are linked using the same process described below. See KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - LinkTopic for more information on linking to topics.

Additionally, in contrast to a standard link, a KB Link Doc will adapt the URL based on the page being viewed and the page being linked to:

  • If the linked document is available on the current site, the URL will keep the user on the site, i.e., it will act like a "relative URL".

  • If the linked document is not available on the current site, but it is an external document, the URL will point to the site that owns the linked document, i.e., it will act like an "absolute URL".

  • If the linked document is not published externally, no link will be displayed, and the text "[Link for document ##### is unavailable at this time.]" will appear in place of the Link Doc. This is a security measure to prevent internal or unpublished content (including document titles) from appearing to unauthorized users.

Inserting a KB Link Doc

  1. In the editor, select KB link doc... from the Insert menu, or from the Icon of a link superimposed over a document toolbar icon.

  2. You will be presented with a pop-up, as seen in the image below:

    Screenshot of the KB link doc plugin dialog window

    The fields are:

    • Type - Use "Link to KB doc title" to add a standard KB Link Doc
    • Doc ID Number - The ID number of the document you are linking to
    • Open link in... - Choose whether you would like the link to open in the current window or in a new window or tab

    If the ID number is valid and you have read access to the specific document, the name of the document will be displayed in green. If you see a read access error in red, check that you are using the correct ID number, and that you have read access to it.

  3. After filling these out, click Insert and the link will be placed at the cursor. The link text will be the name of the doc linked. 

    • Note: KB custom links do not insert leading or trailing spaces. To move your cursor outside of the link element, use the right or left arrow keys. 
  4. To edit an existing custom link, click on the Link Doc in the editor, then re-select the KB Link Doc button in the menu bar or toolbar. You may also right-click the link and choose Link... from the context menu. Please note that the URL will appear as "docID:#####", and that only the ID number itself should be changed.

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