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KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - "Hide Restricted Documents from Search" option in the Group Spaces Screen

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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps. This means access to the Documents, Settings, and Users tabs.

This document explains how to hide restricted documents from internal live site Search results.

Read access is restricted using the "ReadAccess" field in the document editor. It is typically used to further restrict internal documents to specific internal users defined in User Access Groups link found under the Users tab.

The Hide restricted docs from search option (KB Admin Tools > Settings  tab> Group Spaces link) may be set to Yes or No.

  • If No is selected, the titles of restricted documents will be shown in internal KB site search results, even when the user performing the search is not authorized to view the documents. When a restricted document is loaded by an unauthorized user, the document content is blanked out by a message indicating that the user must contact the document owner for document access.
  • If Yes is selected, restricted documents are hidden altogether from unauthorized users without access to those documents. Titles of restricted documents will not appear in search results.

If User Access groups are not defined, or, if documents do not have any user access restrictions, the above setting is ignored.

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