KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Managing Documents in the Group Relationships Screen

You must have full user permissions for your space to perform these steps.

If you collaborate with other groups within the KB, there are some additional settings which can be used to define or describe your relationship with those groups. These settings are found in the SitePref tab under Group Relations.

The image below shows the Site Pref tab > Group Relations link > Group Relationships screen. Line 0 of this table indicates the Unified Site. Since the Share docs checkbox is enabled. This site will share its external content with the Unified Site.


What do 'Share iKB', 'Share Docs', 'Trust Activation', and 'Trusted By' mean?

See KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Managing Group Relationships for an overview of the group relationships.

How do I share all of my external docs with the Unified KB Site?

Check the checkbox in the green Share Docs column for Unified KB Site (this should be the first row on the list).

How do I share all of my external and/or internal docs with another KB Site?

      1. Prepare to share your documents with a specific KB site by going to the Site Pref tab and clicking on the Group Relations link.
      2. Locate the KB site which you want to share documents.
      3. Check the green Share Docs box on the very same line.
      4. Click on the Update button on the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

From there, you can easily update the SiteAccess of multiple documents by using the Batch Update feature found on the Documents tab > Batch Update link. Enter the appropriate document ID number(s) and append/ completely modify your existing SiteAccess selections. More details can be found in 8532 .

How do I grant users of another KB automatic access to my internal KB?

Check the checkbox in the blue Share iKB column (see the purple arrow in the image below) for the KB Site you'd like to share your internal KB site documents. This will allow users who have internal access to that KB site to access your own internal site as well.

Note: Users will still need to go to your KB Site to view these documents.

For example, if the KB Admin for Site A were to check 'Share iKB' for Site B (as the purple arrow shows below) then any users with access to the internal KB for Site B would be able to go to Site A's internal site to view documentation. This can be helpful if two groups collaborate frequently and want to share internal documentation.

Best Practices: Care should be taken to make sure that any sensitive content that Site B shouldn't be able to access is restricted using User Access Groups


How do I share one or more documents with another KB Site?

1. Check the green Share Docs checkbox of the group you want to share documentation.
2. After this is done, edit the document in question
3. Expand the Other Sites section by clicking on the + button and check the site boxes corresponding to that site.

The image below shows the part of the Document Edit screen with SiteAccess. It displays the current site internal and external checkboxes. To see the additional sites which you have a sharing relationship, click on the + to expand that area.
[Link for document 8532 is unavailable at this time.]


Why don't I see a particular site under the Other Sites section when editing a KB doc?

As noted above, you first need to check the green Share Docs checkbox for the group that you want to share documentation. Navigate to  SitePref > Group Relations link. If this is not done, these groups won't appear under 'Other Sites' when editing your KB doc.

How do I allow another KB Site to share documents with my site without requiring my approval each time?

If you check the red Trust Activation checkbox for the KB site in question, you will not be prompted to activate shared-in docs from that site. Instead, that doc will be immediately activated for your site anytime that site activates a doc that is shared with you.

How do I make sure that I get to review KB documents that are shared to my group before they get activated?

By default, new KB documents that are shared with your site require approval before they will appear on your site. If you believe your approval is being bypassed for new docs, make sure that Trust Activation is unchecked for the site in question.

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