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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Editing a Shared Document

This document describes how the document edit screen will appear when you edit a document that has been shared by another group.

When you are editing another group's document, most of the content fields will be grayed out. However, the following fields and settings are always editable for your group space:

  • If you click on the plus sign next to Show Other Notes, you will see that the MyGroupNote field is editable. Text entered in that field that will only be visible when the document is viewed on your group's site. For more information about this field, please refer to MyGroupNote.

  • Just below the MyGroupNote field, you will see ten pairs of small text fields. These can be used to replace parts of the content of this document. For more details, please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Dynamic Content Replacement.

  • You can assign one or more of your group's topics to the document. This is done in the same way as your own documents.

  • You can also edit the SiteAccess to remove your group's access if you not longer want it to be shared with you. Please note that in the event a document has only been shared with your internal site, the external site checkbox will be disabled. If you need it to be shared externally, please contact the owner and/or group admin.

  • You can modify the document Status for your group only. Submitting a shared document as "Inactive" will only deactivate it for your site(s) and will have no affect on the document status for the owning groups and any other groups it is shared with.

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