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This document explains how you can customize the footer that displays on your internal and external live sites from the Settings tab.

By default, your internal and external site footer will contain a copyright line. Your internal site footer will also display your username in the KB, followed by a "Favorites" link and a "Sign out" link. If desired, you can add information to your internal and/or external site footer. Examples of content that you may wish to add includes a mailing address, an email address for questions and feedback, or links to related websites.

Note: you cannot remove the displayed username, "Favorites" link, or "Sign out" link from your internal site, as those are added automatically.

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Settings tab, then select the Footers link in the side navigation.

  2. On this page, you will find two separate fields for your internal site and your external site. In the text field that corresponds to the site where you would like to display a banner, enter the content you would like to display. This can be entered as plain text, or it can be formatted with HTML.

    TipLightbulb symbol

    If you want to format your footer content but aren't sure how to write HTML, open the new document creation screen and use the body editor to format the text, then select the Source code < > button in the editor toolbar to view and copy the corresponding HTML.

    Under the heading "External Site Footer" and "Internal Site Footer", you will find a text field. Below this is text that reads, "You may use "INSERT_CURRENT_YEAR_HERE" (without the quotes) to have the current year rendered automatically. This helps to reduce the need to update this footer each year."

  3. Click on the Update button to save your work, or click the Reset button to revert the fields to their last saved state.

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