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In some cases, you may wish to publish a document without allowing it to appear in your site search results. This can be done using the Exclude from search feature in the KB document editor as explained below.

How the "Exclude from Search" Setting Works

If Exclude from search is selected when the document is activated, that document will not be included in any of the following search results:

  • User search results of the Live Site
  • Top Documents of the Week
  • Most Recently Updated Documents

Documents flagged with Exclude from search, however, can be viewed by their exact document ID numbers in the URL or by their ID numbers in the search box.

The Exclude from search option can be particularly useful for short documents/texts (e.g., examples, disclaimers, warnings, and credits) that are meant to be included in other KB documents. It is also ideal to view a document on the live site without it being discoverable by others.

  • Note: This setting does not currently prevent documents from being indexed by Google or other search engines.

How To Apply It

  1. Open the document to edit it in the KB Admin Tools.

  2. Open the Search priority dropdown (located between the Keyword and Summary fields), and set it to Exclude from search.

    Screenshot showing the "Search priority" dropdown under the Keywords field opened, with the "Exclude from Search" option highlighted
  3. Set the Status to Active or Request activation (depending on your permissions), then click Submit to save your changes.

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