What is the KnowledgeBase?

The KnowledgeBase is a system for documenting and maintaining information for your staff and customers. The KnowledgeBase is made up of many documents containing a wide variety of information.

Manage Your Knowledge

The KnowledgeBase allows you to preserve, share, collaborate, and improve.


Document the knowledge essential to your operations.


Each partner site can share documentation with other partner sites.


Work with authors, partners, and your customers to improve your documentation.


Once you have captured your knowledge, you can begin to improve your processes.

Some examples of the type of information a KnowledgeBase document could contain are:

  • Administrative procedures
  • Departmental information
  • Technical information
  • End-user support information

The KnowledgeBase can help you:

  • Communicate information to customers
  • Consolidate scattered content
  • Reduce training time for new staff
  • Reduce redundancy by using shared content
  • Prevent knowledge loss

How does it work?

  • The KnowledgeBase is a web-based tool for managing your knowledge
  • Each partner site has ability to control access to their content
  • Document authors are automatically notified of aging documentation, which helps to keep content fresh
  • Readers can submit vital feedback on your documentation

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