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KB User's Guide - Unique Keywords

This document explains how to view a list of unique keywords used in your documents in the KB Admin Tools and on the live site.

In the KB Admin Tools

The link to Unique Keywords is found on the Documents tab in the left side navigation (below the Broken Links link).

The Unique Keywords are sorted alphabetically in 27 table rows. The integer in parentheses after each keyword indicates the number of occurrences of that keyword. The higher the number of occurrences, the bigger the font size so the more frequently used keywords stand out.

The standard KB search queries both document title and keywords fields. On the Unique Keywords page, a dropdown box allows users to choose to display unique words used in keywords field only, or title field only, or both the keywords and title fields.

The unique keywords list does not include keywords used in inactive documents.

On Your Live Site

To see the list of unique keywords on your live site, navigate to the page "keywords.php". For example, the full URL for the unique keywords page might look like, "".

If you would like to point people towards this page, you can follow the instructions in KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Menus to create a side module link, where the URL is keywords.php.

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