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This document describes how the topic dropdown affects the search functionality on the live sites.

Use the Topics dropdown to search for documents in a single topic.

In the image below, "eggs" was entered into the External Live Site search box. A document with the keyword, "egg" can be found in the topic, "Chicken" that appears with a checkmark next to it. The Chicken sub-topic, "Fresh" is also checked because those sub-topics are also checked-off in that document.

*Note that the dropdown menu for Topics also displays all 5 levels of topics that are allowed to be exposed to the External Live Site.

When you open a document that is assigned a topic, you will see the Topics Map, or "breadcrumbs" displayed above the document title.

The breadcrumbs will start with a link to the topics map, followed by the full topic path starting with the parent and moving down through the child topics. Each topic is separated by a greater than symbol.

If the search textbox is left blank when a Topic is selected from the Topics dropdown, all documents in that topic will be selected when the Search button is clicked. If you include keywords in the search box, those terms will be searched for only in documents of the selected Topic.

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