KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Embedding user specific content in KB documents (HTML editor only)

This feature allows authors to embed, in one document, content meant for specific individual users (e.g. allows a block of text to be visible only to a specified user who is a fully authorized internal user). When the activated document is rendered by a particular user, all content marked for other users is filtered out.

To mark content so that it is visible for only specific users, use span tags with a class attribute of "visible-only-to-user_qualified@domain".

For example, to embed content meant for user jsmith@univ.edu only:
<span class="visible-only-to-jsmith@univ.edu"> Some info for John Smith's eyes only here.</span>

In the same document, to embed content meant for user jdoe@univ.edu only:
<span class="visible-only-to-jdoe@univ.edu"> Some info for Jane Doe's eyes only here. </span>

Please note that no other span tags should be used within the "visible-only-to-user_qualified@domain" span tag, as they may result in partial filtering of user specific content. This content filtering only works on internal KB sites, through which the user_qualified info is available. If the document is rendered via an external site, all content marked for specific users is filtered out (***no user specific content will be leaked). 
This filtering feature can be useful for KB authors who want to distribute somewhat private information such as grades, or personalized instructions.

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