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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Embedding user specific content in KB documents (HTML editor only)

This feature allows authors to embed, in one document, content meant for specific individual users (e.g. allows a block of text to be visible only to a specified user who is a fully authorized internal user). When the activated document is rendered by a particular user, all content marked for other users is filtered out.

To mark content so that it is visible for only specific users, open the Source mode editor, then surround the desired content with span tags with a class attribute of "visible-only-to-user_qualified@domain".

  • For example, to embed content meant for user only:

    <span class=""> Some info for John Smith's eyes only here.</span>

  • In the same document, to embed content meant for user only:

    <span class=""> Some info for Jane Doe's eyes only here. </span>

Please note that no other span tags should be used within the "visible-only-to-user_qualified@domain" span tag, as they may result in partial filtering of user specific content. This content filtering only works on internal KB sites, through which the user_qualified info is available. If the document is rendered via an external site, all content marked for specific users will be hidden. This ensures that no user-specific content is inadvertently made public. 

This filtering feature can be useful for KB authors who want to distribute somewhat private information such as grades, or personalized instructions.

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