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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Quick Edit Buttons

The "quick edit" button allows authors to jump directly into the the document editor for a given document without having to view the document review screen first. This document describes where to find the quick edit button under the Documents tab of the KB Admin Tools.

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The "quick edit" button described in this document is different from the "Edit this page" button that can be displayed in your live Internal KB site. For more information about this button, please see KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Edit This Page button.

  1. Begin by logging into the KB Admin Tools.

  2. Click on the Documents tab.

  3. The Documents tab will lead to a document queue and displays a table sortable by various criteria. One of the columns in the table is labeled Edit. (see red arrow in image in item 4).

    For detailed instructions on how to use the search fields and links to look through available documents, please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Document Searching and Sorting.

  4. Click the Edit button to access the document editor for a given document.

    • Note: If the edit button has a dashed border, you only have partial edit access to the document. If it is grayed out, this indicates that you do not have write access.

    The edit button is found in the third column of the documents table
  5. You will be taken directly into the document editor for the document in question.

    However, if your site requires that review comments be added before making changes to documents and you attempt to access the quick edit button, you will be taken to the screen below:

    The message on the screen reads, "Review comment required. Redirecting to document 6694 comment form in 3 seconds." The words "document 6694 comment form" are a hyperlink.

    You can access the document review screen by clicking the link.

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