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In addition to searching for document keywords and text, the KB's search engine allows users to search for text within certain types of file attachments.


When a user enters a query into the KnowledgeBase search field, the KB's search engine has three layers of information it looks through:

  1. Keywords: the keywords and title attached to a specific document.
  2. Fulltext: all of the text in a given document itself.
  3. Attachments: the text of properly formatted PDF, Word (.doc and .docx), and Text (.txt) files attached to documents in a site.


To view attachment search results for a given query:

  1. On your KB's homepage, click the Advanced search link. (Note that this method requires the advanced search option be enabled for your site).

    Advanced search button next to other search options in a KB live site

  2. Type your query into the Find field. From the Matching drop-down menu select Attachments search.

    Advanced search options displaying the matching dropdown menu options with attachments search selected

  3. Results will appear. The results contain links to the attachments themselves, as well as to the document ID the attachments are associated with.

    attachment search results with links to the attachments and the document ID

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