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Working much like a document flag or label, you may delineate documents by using the Audience function. Eight fixed Audience types are provided for you. You may create a custom Audience type allowing you to categorize a set of documents for an audience specific to your group. This document will show you how to; use the fixed Audience types, create a custom Audience type, and how to display your Audience types on your Live Site(s).

The Audience function allows you to designate a document/ set of documents to a specific Audience Type. Users, when at your Live Site may self-identify to which audience they, themselves pertain and pull up all documents that pertain to that specific Audience. There are eight pre-defined Audience types from which to choose:

  1. Faculty
  2. Staff
  3. Students
  4. Applicants
  5. Parents
  6. Alumni
  7. Visitors
  8. Community

or you may create one or multiple custom Audience types.Enabling Pre-defined Audience Types in the Document EditorThose with permissions to access to the Topics Tab may access the Audiences screen by going to the Topics tab > Audiences link. You will see distinct rows with various checkboxes:To enable a fixed Audience, select the specific Audience and enter data in the appropriate fields in the same row. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.Create A Custom Audience TypeKB sites may have occasion to designate (e.g. "flag" or "label") a group of documents to an Audience specific only to their group. Perhaps these documents are only applicable to; "Conference Attendees". Custom Audience types can be created just for this subset of users.From the Audiences screen (Topics tab > Audience link):The first row above the 8 predefined Audiences has a label that says "Add a custom audience".Enter a name in the Audience Name field, insert a number in the Order box and check the appropriate boxes in that row.Click the Update button to save your work.

  • If you choose to delete a custom Audience by clicking on the Delete button, you will encounter this message warning about removing audience document association.


Display Audience Type(s) in the Document Editor for Selection

When Audience types have not been designated for your KB documents, the message, "Audiences can be added or created via the Topics tab." will appear next to the Audiences section found above the WriteAccess section.


This is how enabled Audiences, both Fixed and Custom, would appear in your document editor.

Audience Types on the KB Live Site(s): Side Module or Dropdown Menu

Once a set of documents have been designated for a specific Audience, KB admins may enable the Audiences Side Module, so the documents can display on one or both of the Live sites. KB Admins may also choose to display their Audiences in a drop down menu next to their site's search box.

Audience Side Module on your Live Site

Follow these instructions to set up the Audience Side Module:

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, go to the SitePref Tab  > Side Modules link which will lead you to the Side Modules screen.
  2. Locate the Module Type, "Audiences" among the rows of various side module.
  3. Under Module Name, you can enter a generic name of "Audiences", or, you can name the module something specific like "Get your AERA Info HERE!".
  4. The Position drop down menu will have only one option: for Audience to appear on the left.
  5. Check the appropriate box to have the Module appear on your Internal /or External Sites.
  6. Check the appropriate box to have the Module appear in the Full /or Mobile views.
  7. Check the Landing Page box to have the Module appear on your KB's front page/ or default page. (recommended)
  8. Check the Document Page box to have the Module appear on the actual document delineated for a specific Audience.
  9. The number in the Order field determines the order in which your Modules will appear on your KB Site.

Based on the numbers in the Order column pictured above, the order of appearance of left side Modules look like this in our Demo site. The custom Audience type is on the very top of the list.

You can also display multiple Audiences in your Side Module. In the example below, there are several pre-defined Audience types and custom Audiences appear in the Audiences side module. Instead of naming the Side Module "Audiences", you can name it something that will get attention.


Hovering your mouse over an Audience Link will display a URL on the lower left of the screen.


Clicking on a specific Audience link will display the list of documents delineated for that specific Audience. Notice the Audience Type URL in the address bar at the top of the screen. You may include this URL in other documents, News items or email this URL to other interested parties.

Enable the Audience Live Site Drop Down Menu

To those with the appropriate permissions, go to the SitePref tab > Searching/Sorting link. This will lead to the Searching/ Sorting screen. In the Option Name column, locate the "Audience dropdown menu" row.

Check the appropriate check box for the Live Site in which you would like the Audience dropdown menu to appear. Click the Update button to save your work.

In our Demo KB Site, the Audience dropdown menu displays on the upper right. It defaults to "All Audiences" and then displays the fixed and custom Audience Types in the desired order.


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