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This document describes how to embed a Qualtrics survey or Google Form in a KB document.
    1. First, get the link for your survey or form:
    2. Edit the document you wish to add the survey to, or create a new document.

    3. In the body editor, open the Insert menu, then choose Insert/edit iframe.

    4. Paste your survey or form link into the Source field. Leave the Size dropdown set to "Inline Value".

    5. Click the small lock icon (aka "constrain proportions") next to the width and height fields. Set the width and height as follows:

      • To ensure your survey can be viewed easily on a mobile device, keep the width narrow, e.g. 350px.

      • Set the height appropriately based on the length of your survey. You may need to preview and re-adjust the height as needed to ensure the entire survey fits in the iframe. If the survey is long, consider editing it in Qualtrics to present fewer questions per page. This will decrease the height of the window.

        Alternatively, you can select the Enable scrollbar option in the dialog window (found under the Advanced tab). This will allow users to scroll within the iframe if needed, however, this can pose usability challenges and is generally not recommended.

    6.  Click Save to add the iframe. If you need to edit the iframe settings, click on your embedded survey in the editor to select it, then go to Insert > Insert/edit iframe again. The dialog window will show the values for the selected iframe.

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