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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Editing an Existing Doc

This document explains how to edit published (i.e., Active) or draft (i.e., In Progress, In Review, or Inactive) documents.

If you are not already familiar with searching for a particular document, please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Document Searching and Sorting.

  1. If your group does not require comments (most common), or if the document is already set to "In Progress", you can click the Edit button above or below the doc to start making changes. Doing so will put your document into the default state of Active/In Progress. This means that the version of the doc that is currently published will remain available and unchanged until you resubmit your edited draft as "Active".

    Image of the Edit button, which if visible will be the first button in the row of action buttons above and below the doc

    If your group requires comments, or if you wish to add comments or use a different status combination when editing:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the document. In the Review Options/Comment section, select the desired status. The default selection, "Leave document ##### up and set to 'In Progress'" is the same Active/In Progress status applied when clicking the "Edit" button. 

    2. If desired or required, use the Comments field enter a brief statement as to what updates or changes you plan to make. Comments you enter here will be saved to the "Comments and events" log, and they are helpful for users in the future who may want to know what changes were made (or why) for a given update.

      • Note: The screenshot below shows the full set of options available to a user with "Publish" rights who is viewing an Active document. You may see fewer options if you do not have publish rights, or if the document is already set to "In Progress".

      Image of the Review Options/Comments form, which includes options for changing the status while editing as well as entering comments

    3. Click the Submit button, and on the next screen, click Edit document #####.
  2. You should now see the document opened for editing. If the fields are grayed out, you do not have permissions to edit this document. You will need to contact the document owner who manages the document.

    Note: If you are not the document owner, we generally recommend against editing a document you do not own without permission. If you see a document that needs editing but you are not the owner, we encourage you to leave feedback or contact the owner to either offer your suggestion or to get permission to edit the document.

  3. You can now make whatever changes that are needed. For additional information about HTML guidelines and various editing tools, see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - How to Create and Publish a Document.

  4. Click the Save change button to periodically save your work as changes are made. This will save a draft version of the document.

  5. Once all of desired changes and updates are completed, set the proper status for the document. Depending on your group's review process, you may be able to activate the document yourself by setting it to Active. If you do not have Publish rights, you will instead be able to submit the document as In Review or Request Activation. We recommend contacting your admin to find out what review process they follow.

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