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KB User's Guide - News Tab - Editing News Items

This document explains how to edit an already exsiting news item.

  1. Click the News tab. That will open the My Group News screen, displaying all existing News Items. If the list is long, use the Search / display filters to find your News Item.

    • Example: Enter the ID number of the news item you would like to edit in the ID or comma delimited IDs field and click the Go button.

  2. After locating the News item, click on the Edit button to open the News Item.

  3. Make any changes necessary. If you'd like more information on the news template fields, see KB User's Guide - News Tab - News Creating/ Editing Form Fields

  4. Once you have made changes, click the Submit button. The edited version of the news item will now appear posted on the Live site(s).

  5. Finally, when viewing your News Item, you may:

    • Choose to edit the news item

    • Save it as a new news item

    • Save the news item as a document.

    The image below shows the three buttons allowing you to do the above.

    buttons for available options when viewing news items

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