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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps. This means access to the Documents, Settings, and Users tabs.

The Notification link in the Settings tab allows you to control who receives feedback on your site's documents. To access, click on the Notifications link on the left navigation bar.

The Notification Settings page has several expandable/collapsible panels, one for each relevant notification preference. Click a panel to expand the available options for the desired setting. After changing the desired settings, click the Update button at the bottom of the page. See below for more information on each notification setting.

Group Notification Email

The Group Notification Email allows you to specify the email address(es) that will receive all group notifications. By default, this field will be populated with your group contact email address(es) (found on the "Group Spaces" page under the Site Pref tab). For multiple recipients, use a comma delimited list of addresses. This field is required.

The group notification email is copied on expiring and expired document notifications and sharing requests, and can optionally be used for document feedback, "In Review" reminders, and activation/deactivation requests.

You may also specify a Notification / reminder From email for your outgoing review reminder and expiration notification emails. If no address is provided, will be used.

  • Note: The Notification / reminder From email can contain only a single email address. Please make sure this is a valid email address to ensure successful message delivery and replies from recipients.

Document Feedback Notification

The Document Feedback Notification section contains an option to send user feedback to three possible recipient groups, any combination of which may be enabled:

  • Send user feedback to group contact email address(s): This will route feedback based on the "Group notification email" described above.

  • Send user feedback to document owner email address: This will route feedback based on the email address of the individual document owner.

    If this is the only option checked, please ensure that all owners have valid email addresses set, and that document ownership is transferred when an owner leaves your group.

  • Send user feedback to topic-based contact email address(es): This will route feedback based on the "Contact email" that has been set for topics associated with the document. This includes contact addresses set for parent topics, even if the document is only associated with one of its children (regardless of how many levels removed they are from the parent). If both the parent and child topic have contact addresses set, both addresses will be used.

    If this is the only option checked, please ensure that every document is associated with at least one topic, that those topics are enabled for the site(s) where it is published (i.e. internal vs external), and that every parent topic has a contact access set.

Email Listener

The Email Listener is intended for (but not limited to) use with modern IT Service Management (ITSM) and case management tools with an "email listener", i.e. an email address that creates tickets or cases from incoming emails.

More broadly, this notification allows you to add a second button (next to the Comment button) that opens a form whose submissions will go to the address of your choosing. This button can be added to your internal and/or external site and may be labeled with the text of your choosing. For more details, please refer to KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Enable the Email Listener Form.

Documents In Review Reminder

The Documents In Review Reminder allows KB Administrators to remind authors via email that they have documents that have been waiting with the "In Review" status for a specific time period. This time period is defined via the Reminder threshold dropdown and ranges from 2 hours to 30 days.

The Reminder To email field allows KB Administrators to enter a recipient email address or multiple comma-delimited email addresses. The email address(es) entered here will also be used for activation and deactivation requests. The Include Admin emails checkbox will make it so that all users with publish rights receive these notifications. If the field is left blank and the checkbox is unchecked, the group notification email will be used.

If desired, you may also customize the message text that appears in the email. The Reminder Frequency allows you to specify the time interval between reminders.

Monthly Document Review Reminder

The Monthly Document Review Reminder exists to remind document owners to review documents that have not been reviewed or updated for a specified period of time. These notifications are sent out on the first of the month and will contain a list of all documents owned by the recipient that need review.

The Reminder threshold allows you to specify the length of time since the last review or update that flags a document as needing review. The Notification Cc email field lets you specify one or more (comma-delimited) email addresses to be copied on these notifications.

This section also allows KB Administrators to change the message text that appears in the email along with the list of aging document(s). You may embed the list of aging documents in the text message by including the string "INSERT_DOCUMENT_LIST_HERE" (without the quotes).

Weekly Expiring Documents Notification

The Weekly Expiring Documents Notification is sent on Monday mornings to inform document owners that documents are due to expire soon. 

The Expiring within dropdown allows you to choose the threshold for the reminder, i.e. documents expiring within 7, 14, 21, or 28 days.

  • Note: This option represents the maximum number of days notice the owner will receive. If set to "7 days", the notification may include documents that are expiring later that same day.

These notifications are sent to the document owner and group notification email be default. If an email is entered in the Notification Override email field, the notifications will only be sent to that email address, meaning that the document owner and the group notification email address will not receive the any expiring document notifications. Mailing list addresses and multiple comma-delimited email addresses are allowed.

The Notification Bcc email can be used to specify one or more recipients in addition to the document owner and group notification email address.

This section also allows KB Administrators to change the message text that appears in the email along with the list of expiring document(s). Expiring documents notifications are sent out to document owners every Monday.

Daily Expired Documents Notification

The Daily Expired Documents Notification is sent every morning for any documents that expired the previous day. The notification will be sent to the document owner and the group notification email.

This section allows KB Administrators to change the content of the message text that appears in the email along with the list of document(s) that have just expired.

Document Activation Notification

The Document Activation Notification is an optional notification that alerts you any time a document has been activated for your group space. The email notification will include 15 of the most recent changes from the document's Comments and Events. KB Administrators may also change the message text that appears in the email. The email notification will include the document ID number, the Title of the document, a link to the activated document in the KB Admin Tools and finally, the name and email address of the person who made the most recent update.

If the Notification To email field is blank, this notification is disabled.

Active Content Export Reminder

The Active Content Export Reminder is an optional notification for KB Administrators who would like to regularly export their active KB documents to maintain an emergency offline backup.

This section allows you to change the message text that appears in the email along with a reminder suggesting that the active KnowledgeBase content can be moved to a desktop computer for emergency use. You may also set the Reminder frequency (ranging from once a week to once a year).

If the Reminder To email field is blank, this notification is disabled.

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