KB Author Training - Overview

This document contains an overview and a table of contents for the 'KB Author Training' series of documents.


This series of training documents is directed at KnowledgeBase users who will author KB content in the KB Admin Tools. Our goal is to provide new document authors with a online resource to replace or supplement in-person training. Upon completing the series, readers will be able to:


Each document in the series contains background information on a specific task performed by KB authors as well as an exercise designed to provide hands-on experience with that task. The exercises in each document are intended to be completed in sequential order. Throughout the series, readers will create and update a test document using the techniques presented in each document.

The instructions assume that the reader has an active account on a KB site. If you do not have an account on your KB site or you are not sure, please contact your KB site administrator(s).

Table of Contents:

  1. KB Author Training - Creating a New Document
  2. KB Author Training - Editing an Existing Document
  3. KB Author Training - Title, Keywords, and Summary Fields
  4. KB Author Training - Body Field - Classic Editor Options: Design (WYSIWYG) or HTML mode
  5. KB Author Training - Body Field - Design (WYSIWYG) Editor Controls for the CLASSIC Editor
  6. KB User's Guide - KB Training - Body Field - HTML Editor Quick Code Buttons (Classic Editor)
  7. KB Author Training - Attachments and Revisions