KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Dropbox

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The Assessment Tab is not enabled in the KB Admin Tools for groups that do not have any existing quiz/survey questions. If your group would like to use the Assessment Tab features, reach out to kb-team@doit.wisc.edu to have the tab activated.

This document describes how KB Admins can create a dropbox for their internal users (e.g. trainees, students, etc.) to upload files to.

Dropbox Settings

In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Settings link.

This screen allows you to control the availability of your site dropbox and the basic actions available to your users:

Screenshot showing the dropbox settings described below

If you make changes to these settings, click on the Update button to save your work.

Uploading to the Dropbox

Your users can access the dropbox by appending dropbox.php to your internal site URL, e.g. "https://kb.wisc.edu/yoursite/internal/dropbox.php". You can then link to the dropbox URL from a side module, a KB document, etc. to encourage its use.

Screenshot showing the dropbox for bbadger@wisc.edu on the live site. The upload form is visible and the dropbox is currently empty.

To upload files:

  1. Click on the Choose Files button to select the files your want to upload into the Dropbox.
  2. Click Upload to start the upload. The progress bar will let you know when the upload is complete. The file names that were uploaded into the dropbox also appear under the "Upload" button.

    Screenshot showing the results of an upload. The names of the recently uploaded files can be seen below the Upload button.
  3. All uploaded files will appear in a table below the upload form. If you enabled downloading and/or deleting, users will see links to perform these actions for each file.

    Screenshot showing a table with the same two files uploaded in the last step. There are two columns on the right with links to download and delete each file.

Searching Uploaded Dropbox Files

In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Files link. This is the main way to search and view the files in the Dropbox. Please note that the "Start date" and "End date" will have dates entered by default, which may limit the number of files you see initially.

You can search for specific files in your drop box using any of the following search fields:

In the image below, a user has been selected and the start date and time has been adjusted from the defaulted date range. Note that the table below offers information such as File Size, File Path, UserIP address and the Uploaded date and time stamp. You may download or delete uploaded files.

Dropbox Folder

In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Folder link.

This will open a pop-up window with the dropbox folder contents. Here, you will see folders for every user that has uploaded to the dropbox (which contain their uploaded files).

Screenshot showing the dropbox folder window, which contains folders for the users "lscheide@wisc.edu" and "tvarauco@wisc.edu"

If desired, you may also upload directly to the folder from here. Please refer to the image uploading instructions for detailed steps.